High Strangeness: Eradicating the UFO Pestilence

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Eradicating the UFO Pestilence

You know how everyone keeps saying the members of the Roswell Dream Team should be banished to UFOlogy Siberia for their roles in the Roswell Slides fiasco? Well, last night I noticed that Mr. Jaime Maussan is a featured speaker at the MUFON 2015 Symposium this coming September, and so I decided to do something about it. I decided to write a letter to Mr. Jan Harzan, International Director of MUFON:

Hi Jan,
I'm the Chief Investigator and Assistant State Director for MUFON Wisconsin, and I have a request to make concerning this year's Symposium.

No doubt you have followed the sad saga of the Roswell Slides hoax, and so you must realize how inappropriate it would be to have Jaime Maussan appear at the 2015 Symposium. In light of the apparent duplicity and/or ineptitude of Maussan and the others involved, I would like to formally request that Mr. Maussan be removed from the speakers' roster. There is simply no way that MUFON can seriously present one of the perpetrators of the Roswell Slides fiasco as a speaker at this flagship event and retain any credibility. How can we say MUFON is dedicated to "The Scientific Study of UFOs" and then let a man who has just done immeasurable harm to our work come speak at our Symposium?
I would like to request further that from here on out, Mr. Maussan and his colleagues Tom Carey, Don Schmitt, Richard Dolan and Anthony Bragalia be banned from all MUFON events. There is no place for these people at any gathering that is meant to further the cause of serious UFO study.
Thank you for your time and attention,
Best regards,
Mark O'Connell
I haven't heard back from him yet...

Maybe we need to shut a few doors while we're at it...
Curiously, at the website for the Symposium, Maussan has an unbelievably lengthy bio, and yet there is not a single reference to the Roswell Slides or BeWitness!


Anonymous said...

Whenever you get a response from MUFON, you will know just where things stand. My guess is Maussan will appear just as planned. The other Band of Brothers will never be banned from any UFO venue. The Mulderites rule the roost in the ufo world and will pay hard cash to get confirmation that aliens exist.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

"Mulderites." That's good.

Anonymous said...

Yes, those people who must believe in aliens and ufos.

Lance said...

Hi Mark,

I mentioned this over at Jack Brewer's site but the rest of the slate of speakers includes ridiculous choicesthat are every bit as bad as Maussan.

For instance:

At the top of their list is Arron Judkins, who self-identifies himself as a "maverick" and touts his Ph.D. (from the esteemed, Bible Believer's Christian College--where an answering machine takes care of incoming calls) as he pretends to do research on biblical stories.

The "maverick" frequently refers to himself as himself Doctor Judkins. He says he has a doctorate in:

"Classical, Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology" (which is not even listed as an offered degree!).

His college's "accreditation" comes from Transworld Accrediting Commission International, an entity itself that is mentioned here (and elsewhere) specifically as a fake Accrediting agency.


This took two minutes of research.

I could go on about the other speakers as well (and I am happy to).

But the truth is that this IS MUFON.

This is what MUFON is all about.


Mark UFO'Connell said...

Sad but true.

Tom said...

"Opening Doors In Academia, Industry & Media"? Okaaaaay.

Pretty sure that Jaime Maussan, & the rest of the Sliders, will permanently slam those same doors shut.

They cannot see this? It's as plain to see as the wig on Schmitt's head.

This is like the Boy Scouts of America inviting Stan Romanek to speak at their next Jamboree.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Wait... That's a wig??

WAIT! That stuff about Romanek is true??


Jack Brewer said...

Thanks for your efforts, Mark. Whatever the outcome, I appreciate the gesture and what it stands for in principle.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Thanks, Jack, I appreciate the support

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your effort, Mark.

Thinking along the same lines as Lance Moody -

Why does MUFON sponsor meetings where top billing is given to obvious charlatans spewing blatantly pseudoscientific nonsense or flogging clearly dead tales of fantasy? Maybe they have no choice.

An unfortunately long period of non-accomplishment reveals MUFON essentially devoid of capacity to produce meaningful original data analyses or investigations. Fostering almost no productive independent contributions, MUFON instead promotes and propagates myths spun by others. For a scientific organization those are the unmistakable hallmarks of utter failure.

An ostensibly scientific organization unable to advance knowledge or create new avenues for productive investigations depends on outsiders to bring novelty to their conferences. The camouflage worked for a long time. The Emperor has no clothes. Worse, he is not even an Emperor.

Tyler Kokjohn

JC said...

"Jaime Maussan, & the Sliders" Sounds like a new Rock act. :-)

purrlgurrl said...

I have a scared feeling in the pit of my stomach that the cult of personality and revenue generating economics will overcome common sense and a respect for truth, and Maussan will not be disinvited. He and his slides cohorts very likely will continue to fill future rosters of conference presenters.

Ufology has finally been stripped naked and shown itself to be all about making a buck off the gullible and dumb.

I hope I'm wrong and your valiant effort on behalf of Ufological ethics (which I wholeheartedly applaud) bears fruit, but I'm more than a little pessimistic because the MUFON poobahs didn't act on Maussan on their own without needing outside prompting. At the very least, I question their lack of good judgement.

Terry the Censor said...

MUFON needs to bring in cash to stay alive. It will give the customers what they want, not what they need. The fandom wants their beliefs reinforced, not questioned or exploded.

Terry the Censor said...

Forgot to add:

MUFON is in the entertainment business, not the truth business.

Jeff Ritzmann said...

Hi Mark-
When you hear from your head-of-state, you might want to also mention that another name should be added to the list - David Jacobs. MUFON PA is seeing fit to not only have him speak, but to present him with a "lifetime achievement award". It confounds a lot of us to see someone who's been exposed as Jacobs has (www.ufoalienabductee.com) to be still given a platform. Forgetting the obvious ethical issues brought up by the Emma Woods case, the man deploys hypnotic regression in his "research" - a practice now shown to be useless for recovering memory, and potentially very dangerous.

David Jacobs has used such 'techniques' for years, without any formal training whatsoever. I can't think of anything more objectionable.

Greg said...

Eradicate MUFON. It has long ago outlived its usefulness and is led and infested with people who have one theory that they know is the Truth. They say that they are looking for evidence but they have already decided on the outcome. The phenomenon does not adhere to our rules of proof and shoehorning it into a predetermined definition has done nothing to advance understanding.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Writing from the road tonight...

I don't disagree with anything being said here, but I have also realized that there are an awful lot of sincere, well-intentioned people working for MUFFIN... They really want to get to the truth, they put a lot of effort into taking a scientific approach to the phenomenon, and MUFFIN is the only game in town.

Terry the Censor said...

> they put a lot of effort into taking a scientific approach to the phenomenon

How do we get them invited to speak?

Mark UFO'Connell said...

That is something I will ask Jan Harzan.

Anonymous said...

MUFON has had years to come up with some conclusions. I don't see any revelations thus far. I have to agree with the others here. MUFON is a money making venture. If they are going after someone with a shaky reputation like Maussan, that should tell you all you need to know.

Anonymous said...

Fully support this. Grow a spine, have some balls and put the foot down. This ban _will_ have consequences. This trend of pimping whatever garbage at all costs has turned this already questionable field into a complete circus. The pay-per-view fraud was the final straw. The people who pimped it and endorsed it should all feel the consequences.

Zorgon said...

Jaimie Maussan already faked an Alien before. Hasn't stopped him from making money "The Jaime Maussan Metepec creature has been confirmed as a hoax." http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread553806/pg1

John Lear calls it "UFO Disease" The need to make up stuff to keep their audience coming back. The "Mulderites" (stealling that LOL ) have a pathological need to get their fix and expect their favorite whistle blower to have all the answers on anything UFO or alien related... never mind they only have one piece of the puzzle. But that story gets old so they need to make up stuff.

MUFON got $1 Million from Robert Bigelow... I wish I could raise $1,000 to keep our work going :P So what has that million bucks bought? I have seen current MUFON reports that are obvious balloons etc yet they still catalog them. Really?

UFOlogy is dead The Charlatans are getting rich off the Mulderites while any serious researcher is shoved under the bus for daring to suggest one triangular UFO one chennel 7 News is actually an inflatted garbage bag. "Oh you work for THEM, your just a shill!: Funny thing the News statin knew it was a garbage bag balloon all along :P 6000 plus Mulderites responded LOL

I wish we could get a class action lawsuit against these crooks... get that money back for the Lemmings...

Nice effort but I fear Maussan will continue.

Maybe we could show up with rotten tomatoes Medieval Style :P