High Strangeness: The UFO That Was an Alien

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The UFO That Was an Alien

I have a very busy couple of weeks coming up and may not be able to post much here for a while. To hold you until I can get back to making regular posts I'll treat you to this fascinating case related to me by Turkish UFOlogist Esen Sekerkarar, one of the speakers at the UFO Symposium in which I recently took part.

I loved the story of the "Esme Alien" for a couple of reasons (and I can't thank Esen enough for sharing it with me). First, the alien entity is just ridiculously weird; a floating poached egg that is somehow creepy and cuddly at the same time. Second, the reaction of the witnesses is remarkable. Third, in this unique story the UFO and the entity are one and the same! How's that for efficiency?
Here, then, is the strange tale of the "Esme Alien":
The alien encounter incident took place in 2001. Three villagers; Fevzi Can, his wife Selma Can and their neighbour Aysel Topaloglu from Narli village in Esme district of the city Usak; woke up early in the morning to hoe their tobacco farm. It was about 7 in the morning. They got on the tractor, as they would always do, but on the way they saw something 30 cm. above the ground on a farm they were passing by. The thing was about 15 meters away from them. First, they did nothing but kept on driving. But as they drove, the being started to follow them on the same direction, still keeping the 15 meters distance in between. That was when the villagers got puzzled and Fevzi Can stopped the tractor and got off it to look closer what that was. The being started to rise in the air and approached towards them. It stopped about 2 meters away from Mr. Can and hovered about 2,5 meters above the ground. The thing was completely silent. No wings or no propellers were apparent. There wasn’t any noise of an engine either, but it was in the air. Mr. Can was astonished and confused by what he was looking at, so he thought of throwing a stone at it, thinking maybe he could drop it down and examine it closer. As soon as he had the thought of throwing a stone at it, the being started to rise in the air. Mr. Can threw a few stones at it, but all missed. The being rose about 5 meters then started to fly to the opposite side, all time facing the witnesses, and went away. 
The villagers told that the being they saw was about 60-70 cm. tall, wearing a bright, gelatin-like suit with an orangish, reddish bright light in the belly part. It had an elliptical head and red-coloured feet. It had no arms and the legs looked like to be attached to each other forming a V shape. It had no ears, no nose nor a mouth. According to the witnesses’ testimony; the only facial detail that was apparent was its almond shaped eyes, which seemed to be glued on the suit.
Right after the encounter, the villagers went to Mehmet Yildirim, the head official of the district, and told him about their encounter. Mr. Yildirim notified the governor Ayhan Cevik right away. A security meeting took place and the bulletin including a sketch of the alien was distributed to the head official of the district, security superiors and gendarme commanders.
The combination UFO/entity was never seen again, which is remarkable when you consider the government's response to the report. Can you imagine anyone in the US reporting that story to their local government official, then the local official reporting it to the governor, then the governor holding a security meeting, then alerting all the security personnel and gendarmes in the district to watch for a peculiar little floating entity in a gelatin suit who can predict when someone is about to throw a stone at it? My guess is that that would never happen in the US.

Okay, so now that you know the story, I can show you what the alien looked like:
The Esme Alien. I kid you not.
What, I ask you, is the meaning of such an occurrence?


Saucerspud said...

Are you sure they don't farm something else that can be smoked other than tobacco?

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Ha! Good thought. I never asked!

Anonymous said...

Now I know where they got the idea for EVE from the movie "Wall-E"

Steve Sawyer said...

Oddly enough, I stumbled across a somewhat similar story about some early-rising rice farmers in Thailand, in August, 2005, coming across another roughly two-foot tall, floating, silent "entity" of some kind when they went out to work in a rice field:

See: http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case490.htm

What's curious about this case, in relation to the Turkish one cited by Esen, aside from the numerous curious parallels as to set, setting, "entity" observed, etc., is that the Thai case has a weird sort of possible denouement, in that there was the suggestion that perhaps what the Thai farmers observed and thought was potentially interacting with them could have been a wind-borne, inflated "alien balloon" of some sort that may have floated into the Thai rice field concerned:

See: http://www.ufoevidence.org/Cases/CaseSubarticle.asp?ID=570

Here, also, is a rumination on related subjects involving "anomaly and humility," with the relevant part about 2/3rds of the way into the article:

See: http://hereticalnotions.com/2014/03/13/anomaly-and-humility/

Coincidence? Synchronicity? Your guess is as good as mine. But, the point is, was what the Turkish tobacco farmers observed, considering its rough similarity to what the Thai farmers observed, in the context of a possible prosaic answer ("alien" inflated balloon drifting around a field, maybe), have been the same or something entirely different? I dunno, but thought the somewht eerie parallels and similarities between the separate, rather unique Turkish and Thai incidents should be pointed out. Regardless of what may have actually been observed in each case, you have to admit the context and particulars of each case are... rather weird. 8^}

Terry the Censor said...

What this report is missing is a specific date, the time of sunrise, and the direction the witness was facing relative to the sun.

There is a phenomenon called heiligenschein which bears some similarity to the present account. Such an illusion could explain the movements of the object, and why the farmer couldn't hit it with a rock.


Ronald Seigel has a detailed account of an alien sighting that turned out to be heiligenschein in Fire in the Brain: Clinical Tales of Hallucination.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

I'm glad to be finally catching up on this conversation after a very busy week... The similarities between the Turkish story and the Thai story are striking, but what really hits me, more than the Casper & EVE visual link and the "heiligenschein" (great word, that) is that both entities were seen by farmers out in their fields.... How unlikely is that??

Unknown said...

Interesting Story Mark. What a strange entity is all I can say.


J.Griffin said...
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J.Griffin said...

holographs and drones are making all sorts of new PSYOPS possible.

Nick Redfern has written a report on the so-called Flatwoods Monster as
a possible early example of this-
he documents other actual examples of such chicanery in that report.

CG imagery,Photoshop and hollywood are also ever-blurring people's already diminished perceptions of reality.

I am noticing how many commenters on YT(especially the young) and elsewhere are considering real photos and videos to be fake and the fakes to be real.

Here I am specifically referring to aviation crashes and certain other non-paranormal subjects for a less sensationalistic consideration.

I am well-acquainted enough with those specific matters from my
long-term pre-'Net study to know which ones are in fact real.

Some are films that have been widely shown as safety/training material and are WELL-DOCUMENTED.

Anyone can go online and confirm or invalidate them almost immediately.

Even the ones that ARE fake and have disclaimers at the end of the video by the "artist" are STILL rigorously defended by some
for whatever reason!