High Strangeness: UFO Insincerity

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

UFO Insincerity

With all the news about the Navy's essentially meaningless "release" of the tic-tac videos, I keep seeing the usual suspects associated with the "To the Stars Academy" (TTSA) popping up in podcasts and articles everywhere.

Is anyone else tired of seeing this image?
Whenever that happens -- and it happens every few months, like clockwork, almost as if by design -- I'm reminded of when I saw TTSA frontman Luiz Elizondo speak at the Scientific Conference on Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena (AAP) in Huntsville, AL, in March of 2019. It was a good conference and an enjoyable experience -- except for Elizondo's address, and I'll tell you why.

Elizondo's entire speech consisted of constantly conflicting messages, presented in the following order:

1) "Guys, we have some amazing things to show you!"

2) "C'mon guys, be patient!"

3) "Guys, we have some astounding things to show you!"

4) "Seriously guys, be patient!"

5) "Guys, we have some mind-blowing, paradigm-shifting things to show you!"

6) "OMG you guys, why can't you be more patient?"

That's all it was for over an hour. Build up expectations in one sentence, then squash them in the next, without offering anything of any substance or value in between. Lather, rinse, repeat. I quickly grew tired of the trickery and insincerity, and felt like I, and everyone in attendance, was being played like a sap, like he was just trying to reel us all in. The message seemed to be that we were being ridiculous for being so impatient and, you know, expecting what had been explicitly promised to us.

But even worse than the words was the smile. Throughout the entire speech, Elizondo had a grin on his face that I found truly disturbing. I don't know if he was aware he was doing it, but I don't know that that matters. What was he smiling about? I don't know much about the meaning of body language, but to me his grin projected dismissiveness at the very best and dishonesty at the very worst.

Why did it strike me as dismissive? The feeling I got was that Elizondo was pleased with himself because he felt he knew something the rest of us didn't, because he was seeing in real time how powerful and effective his tricks were, and because he was confirming how easily impressed and misled most of us UFO people, even a room full of Ph.D.s, are if you dangle a shiny enough object in front of them.

In the end, all TTSA really wants to do is keep selling us koozies and hoodies.


Unknown said...

You know the black vault site did a story in him that was I think true and found out he never was in charge of atipp ufo program read it it's pretty good.

Tom said...

And be the marketing engine that drives Delonge's latest garbage band.

mitzib1 said...

Thanks for sharing the best of the best!