High Strangeness: UFO Eggheads, Part One

Sunday, April 26, 2020

UFO Eggheads, Part One

I have to admit, it's kind of cool that people are still reviewing my biography of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, The Close Encounters Man, nearly three years after its publication -- and in an academic setting, no less!

You can read the review here, but I warn you, it's massive: 25 pages! https://www.academia.edu/42856955/Book_Review_of_The_Close_Encounters_Man

Of course I disagree with some of the reviewer's observations, and I expect I will address those issues in upcoming blog posts. One thing I will address right now is that I don't believe that being a scriptwriter in any way disqualifies me from being a biographer. There is no law stating that biographies can only be written by "impartial historians." And since no "impartial historians" have ever bothered to write a biography of J. Allen Hynek, the field was wide open. They had their chance.

I have also become aware this past week of another review of TCEM that came out a while back in a science review. I'll post that soon, as well.

Bottom line: it's always gratifying when The Close Encounters Man is regarded as a science book instead of an "occult & paranormal" book! Not that there's anything wrong with occult & paranormal books, but I always said I wanted to write a UFO book that people didn't have to hide, and this is validation that I've succeeded in that.

PS: Additional reviews  -- here, or on Amazon or goodreads -- are always welcome!

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