High Strangeness: Stay at Home UFOs

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Stay at Home UFOs

Quick quiz:

What's the perfect way to pass the time while staying at home that only costs $1.99 and doesn't put you at any risk of being exposed to COVID-19?

It's pretty cheap as a paperback as well!
Answer: If you click here right now, you can download the Kindle version of The Close Encounters Man; How One Man Made the World Believe in UFOs, my biography of Project Blue Book investigator Dr. J. Allen Hynek, for the low, low price of a buck ninety-nine. If there's a better, cheaper, safer way to pass the time during a pandemic, I haven't heard of it!

UFO people seem to be dealing with stay at home orders by burning up the social media platforms... I know I've been spending more time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter the past few weeks, and, to my dismay, all I see is constant mentions of:
  • Skinwalker Ranch -- Grand Central Station for undiscriminating paranormal activity; recently granted a trademark, because it's, you know, a product
  • Luiz Elizondo -- can you say "overexposed?"
  • MUFON -- they're not hiding anything, because they got nothin'
  • AATIP -- 2+ years in and we're still waiting for the big reveal
All of which begs the question: Which of these hot topics has brought about any real breakthroughs in our knowledge and understanding of the UFO phenomenon? In my opinion, all these things have brought us is more confusion and obfuscation, and those are two things we don't need more of in the study of UFOs.

Is my book the cure? I'd like to think that in some way it's keeping UFOlogy honest, by upholding the ideals that Dr. Hynek established over his four decades of research. I know for a fact that some people have sought out my book after watching the History Channel's sketchy Project Blue Book series, so apparently the truth still matters to some of us.

So, yeah, download my book. Leslie Kean and Jim Marrs loved it; so will you.

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