High Strangeness: The Mystery of the UFO at the Cabin

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Mystery of the UFO at the Cabin

There's nothing worse than knowing that you have some really important information in your research notes and not being able to find them.

I was recently chatting with Paul Hynek, the second-youngest of Dr. J. Allen Hynek's children, and I mentioned the time his dad saw a UFO while at the family vacation cabin in Ontario, Canada. The story stuck out to me for a couple of reasons: first, I just love the image of Dr. Hynek standing out on his pier on the lake, miles from nowhere, watching a strange light in the sky; second, I love the irony that Dr. Hynek was miles from the nearest telephone when he saw the UFO, so he couldn't call it in to the nearest air base--here's the world's most qualified UFO witness and he's unable to report a sighting because he's in the middle of nowhere!

UFO photo taken by Dr. Hynek through the window of a commercial airliner.
Then Paul surprised me: he told me that he didn't remember his Dad having mentioned this sighting, and when he checked with several of his siblings he found they didn't recall it, either. They all remembered their Dad's sighting from a commercial airline, it seems (see photo), but no one remembers the cabin sighting! I thought that was pretty odd, so I told Paul I would find the reference I had used in the book. Then I quickly discovered that I had no idea where I had found Hynek's description of the cabin UFO! A year and a half after finishing the manuscript of The Close Encounters Man, my mental organization of my mountains of research material has seriously degraded.... Did he mention it in an interview or a speech? Is it in this book or that one? In this file or that one? On this thumb drive or that one?? 

Ugh. My first step was to review The Edge of Reality, co-authored in 1975 by Hynek and Jacques Vallee, as well as Dr. Vallee's published journals. Made sense to me that this was a story Hynek would likely have shared with Vallee at some point, and I did come up with some helpful info. In Volume 2 of Vallee's journal he mentions the following exchange with Hynek:
"I wonder how old you were when you saw your own UFO..." I said in jest.
To my surprise (Hynek) answered me seriously: "I must have been eight years old. It wasn't a saucer, mind you, just something that passed in the sky. I saw it from my doorstep. It made a big impression on me, because of the absence of sound."
So that's three sightings, right? I am not sure how I missed this when I was writing the book!

I also remembered a 1980 radio interview in which Hynek mentions having seen two unidentified objects in his life but doesn't go into any detail. Then a conversation with Hynek's longtime colleague Jennie Zeidman got me a little further. While she didn't remember the cabin sighting specifically, Jennie reminded me that Hynek also mentioned his sightings in the Introduction to his 1972 book, The UFO Experience:

"On two separate occasions in the past 20 years," he wrote, "I have seen an object and light, respectively, that I could not readily explain..." That means these two sightings took place between 1952 and 1972, while the sighting that took place when he was eight was in 1918. That brings us to three UFO sightings in all for Dr. Hynek!

But details about the cabin sighting remain elusive. Over the past week I have re-scanned a whole bunch of my materials and checked in with several of my most trusted UFO historians, and still haven't solved the mystery. Still, two of Hynek's CUFOS colleagues have confirmed that Hynek did report seeing a UFO at the Ontario cabin, so I know I'm on solid ground here.

And I know I've got the goods somewhere in my office... It's just a question of where.

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