High Strangeness: Surprise UFO Letter

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Surprise UFO Letter

I'm still kind of in shock from this...

Some readers may know that UFO and conspiracy author Jim Marrs wrote a cover blurb for my book a short time before he passed away this year. I was thrilled with his generous comments on The Close Encounters Man--but saddened that I never got the chance to get to know the man.

Well, the other day my editor Mxxxxxx forwarded me a letter he had gotten from Mr. Marrs' longtime assistant, Mxxxxxx, and I was bowled over by what she had to say. Here is her letter, reprinted with her kind permission:

To introduce myself, I am Jim Marrs' old assistant.
I just wanted to let the other shoe drop as the dust now settles over the Jim Marrs estate since his death on August second.
About three or so weeks before his passing, Jim handed me the envelope enclosing the manuscript of "The Close Encounters Man" and he didn't say much, just gave me a hard look over the rim of his glasses.  "Read this, it is good." is what he said.
I have just finished this fine work and I think one of the reason's he loved it so was that it was a desire of Jim's to have something done regarding his own life on this caliber.  He was most impressed with the tenor of the book, how well researched and the tenderness of dealing with the demise of Dr. Hynek at the end.  Jim was in this stage of decline when he read this manuscript and he had lost the use of his right eye before he finished this book and it wasn't easy for him to get to the end because of his failing vision, but he did.  This was the last book Jim Marrs ever read.  I just wanted you to know this point.  I hold this manuscript now as a priceless treasure!
Jim Marrs grew up from a young boy dreaming about UFO's, and even did a watercolor of one when he was 9 years old.  (I have that too.)  And it is interesting that the last book he read was the somewhat frustrating life of another UFO researcher, albeit a scientist and not a journalist like Jim.  This book brought Jim full circle. 
I cried when I read the last line thanking the aliens.  Nice touch!
Best regards,
I wrote back to thank her for her kind letter, and this is what she wrote back (also reprinted with her permission):
You are most welcome Mark.  I was Jim's assistant for over ten years.  You kind of know what he means when he looked you in the eyes after a time.  He couldn't say much toward the end...but he forcefully shoved that envelope with your manuscript into my hands.  I told him I would read it.  Took me a couple of months because we had his whole estate to go through and he was a collector!  The manuscript had become a comfort when I would go to bed and it was there waiting for me, page by page. (I am not really a single woman, the other side of my bed is filled with books)  Kind of hated to finish it (I read many manuscripts for him over the years)...each thing I do distances me from him.  He was lively and kind and almost always positive except when there was a slow car up ahead, then he would get angry!  lol

He did appreciate your book and I know he enjoyed the content and the flow of the biography.  Nicely done from my point of view as well.  I throughly enjoyed all the historic nuance you brought in like how all the UFO groups gossiped and quipped amongst themselves, which is still going on today. Most tenderly I love how you said that Hynek "entered the supersensible realm." I may steal that one in the future. I imagine Jim and Allen having a nice chat with each other with an audience!  Even enjoyed your acknowledgements, not just names mentioned but why and how they helped you.  Job well done and there were no mistakes I could see! I hope your sales go through the roof.  I have endorsed this book on my facebook. It was a book that needed to be written!
As you might imagine, I am quite blown away by this.


Red Pill Junkie said...


And it does occur to me that, one way you could (posthumously) repay Marrs's kindness would be to give him the same treatment you gave Hynek ;)

Mark UFO'Connell said...

I've given it some thought... Just not sure if I want to write another biography right away.

Bill Pilgrim said...

Well done, Mark.
I always liked and respected Marrs after hearing him interviewed many times and reading some of his material. Thankfully his UFO enthusiasm and research remained sensible rather than flying off into the fringes... as in alien hybrids or secret bases on Mars (pun intended.)