High Strangeness: Dr. Phil & UFOs

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Dr. Phil & UFOs

TV talk show host Dr. Phil apparently had a doozy on his show a few days ago. The headline on his website shouts:
"Actress Jan Broberg Claims At 12 She Was Kidnapped, ‘Brainwashed’ And Told She Was Supposed To Have A Baby To ‘Save The Dying Planet’"
Now, this woman's story is tragic, and I am in no way making light of her experience. Her captor, a family friend, apparently convinced her that they had both been abducted by aliens who expected her to have a planet-saving child by her captor. Pretty twisted...

I bring this up only because my agent was trying to get me on the Dr. Phil Show a few months back to talk about my book The Close Encounters Man, and I checked out the Phil's website to try to figure out why the show producers ultimately passed on my agent's pitch.

Initially we had pitched the idea of interviewing three of the most interesting UFO witnesses I met in course of my stint as a Certified UFO Field Investigator for MUFON. The three I picked were:
What made the military man's experience so fascinating, besides his amazing recollection of the event and his accounts of the way it has affected him personally, was the possibility that we could get him on national TV to appeal to anyone of the other servicemen who were on duty that night and saw the same object to come forward and tell their stories. A long shot, maybe, but still worth a try. How cool would it be to discover that one one of those men was watching the show that day and called in to share their memories?

What made the two young women's experiences so fascinating was the surreal, haunting aspects to their stories, and the fact that they had both had such similar encounters and had never met each other before. How cool would it be to have them meet for the first time on national TV to compare notes on their strangely similar contact stories?

Well, the Dr. Phil producer was interested in the two young women, but not the military man. But this producer wanted to know if either of the women's UFO experiences had affected their family relationships in the following ways:

  1. They don’t believe in the abduction
  2. They believe and are afraid
  3. They will attest her personality changed overnight
  4. They did/didn’t notice anything
  5. They think the abduction is symptomatic of a bigger mental problem
  6. They are angry with her for her claim

It just so happened that both young women attested to undergoing dramatic personality changes caused by their experiences--another odd similarity between them. The family of one accepted the change, but the family of the other freaked out over it, so there would be things for Dr. Phil to talk about for sure.

But that's as far as it went. Apparently the producer didn't see enough potential for family drama in these women's stories, so they passed. I was puzzled by this: why would they reject the pitch after we offered them exactly what they had asked for?

Well, looking over descriptions of recent episodes makes it pretty clear that the Dr. Phil Show really goes for family drama stories where someone in the family has kicked someone else in the family out of the house. So, even though one of "our" women had experienced some angst from her mom over her personality transformation, she hadn't actually been kicked out of the house by said mom, so it didn't count...

Too bad. Dr. Phil and his audience missed out on a really fascinating conversation.


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