High Strangeness: UFO Surprise! -- Part II

Saturday, September 9, 2017

UFO Surprise! -- Part II

A few days ago I mentioned the great review Jerome Clark wrote about my book for the Fortean Times. I was grateful for Jerry's positive review, but puzzled by his comment that The Close Encounters Man would have been a better book if I had interviewed more people who knew J. Allen Hynek. I was puzzled because I had interviewed Jerry for the book via email back in January, 2016.

There's always room for another Close Encounters book on the market, isn't there?.
So, I wrote to Jerry and pointed this out, adding that several people who knew Dr. Hynek declined to be interviewed for my book, for reasons I can only guess at...

That's when faithful reader and commenter purrlgurrl made this astute observation:

Just a thought - perhaps those who declined an interview or the person who warned people away from interviews harbored the thought of someday writing a book on Hynek.

Sooner or later just about everybody interested in Ufology eventually entertains the notion of writing a book. That's why the UFO literature is so inconsistent, poorly researched, and crappy, people who can't write and do basic research have produced a lot of UFO books.

Not long after I read this, I received this nice note from Jerry Clark:

Hi, Mark,

On several occasions over the years, acquaintances or colleagues urged me to write a Hynek biography.  In each case I replied that I did not feel up to the job.

I’m glad you took on the task, and I congratulate you for your efforts.  I’m not sure if I envy you, but I know we’re all grateful to you.


Good call, purrlgurrl! You nailed it!

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purrlgurrl said...

Thank you for the kind words, sir. My pleasure.