High Strangeness: Tired of UFOs!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Tired of UFOs!

I never would have thought it possible, but I have finally reached a point where I am tired of reading my biography of Dr. J. Allen Hynek. I have had to read and re-read and re-re-read the manuscript of The Close Encounters Man so many times in the past few weeks, going through the final copy edit and then meeting all the standards of my publisher's legal counsel, that I can barely look at it now.

But I still think it's pretty good! And, in a weird twist that sounds made-up but isn't, last night as I put the final touches on the book I revised the closing pages and wrote what I now think may be the best line in the book. Then I sent the MS off to my editor and put the book and myself to bed...

I can't share that line or much of anything else at this point, but I can give you a tantalizing peek at a few of the chapter titles:

Chapter 1: Under the Dome . . .

Chapter 2: Unusual Stars . . .

Chapter 3: The Crowded Sky . . .

Chapter 6: Project Henry . . .

Chapter 7: Hynek in Wonderland . . .

Chapter 14: Mr. UFO . . .

Chapter 15: Signal in the Noise . . .

Chapter 16: Invisible at Last . . .

Chapter 18: The Spur . . .

Chapter 19: Purple Peach Trees . . .

Chapter 21: Close Encounters . . .

Chapter 22: Arizona . . .


Terry the Censor said...

> I am tired of reading my biography of Dr. J. Allen Hynek.

Does the book have a giant robot shooting lasers from its eyes?

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Sad to say, I had to cut that part out in the final edit...

Tom said...

Mark - yours will be the first ufo-related book I've bought in decades. Quite frankly, the only reason that I'm buying it is I find you to be a great host here. Well, that & the fact I've been following your updates on your Hynek book here for some time now & I'm quite interested to read the final product.

O/T - I probably missed it, but I haven't seen you blog here about the details of your debate w/The Wig. I did see where you posted his silly demand about having a video played before his opening remarks, but not much else.
Sooo - how did it go? Was it frustrating? Satisfying? Something in-between? Both? Did ya kick his ass (figuratively)?

Steve Sawyer said...

And the titles for chapters 8 - 13, 17 & 20? Full disclosure, now! 8^}

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Tom, I appreciate your comments as always! The Roswell debate seems so long ago... KGRA Radio.com was going to post the audio of the debate but the last I checked they were dragging their feet for some reason, maybe because they didn't like the way the debate turned out...? All I know is, Don Schmitt doesn't seem to have been doing any bragging about it.

And Steve S., you know I can't reveal everything!!!

Lorin Cutts said...

Very much looking forward to your book and it's exciting to see a few UFO books on decent publishers (with decent distribution) once again.


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