High Strangeness: UFO Through the Window

Sunday, December 4, 2016

UFO Through the Window

My first MUFON case since returning to the fold was shaping up to be a real nothingburger, but instead it has taken some interesting twists and turns.

In my last post, I expressed my reservations about my new Wisconsin state MUFON director and her work methods. Since then, she has shown a willingness to accept that I'm not going to do things her way, so maybe there's hope. She had assigned me a case in which a young couple saw a strange light in the evening sky as they drove home from shopping. My director really seemed to want this case to be about telepathic orbs, so I wasn't sure if she would accept my case disposition that the couple had simply seen a reflection of sunlight in the clouds. But, she did, and so we're cool. For now.

But, when I was interviewing the couple in this case along with my new MUFON co-investigator, I couldn't help noticing that the wife seemed to be very concerned, as if she was carrying some weight on her shoulders but didn't want to talk about it. My cohort had gotten the same impression from her. So I wasn't completely surprised when she emailed me yesterday to tell me that there was more to the story... And what a story it is.

The woman told me that she had been having strange experiences since she was five, when she had an incident with a green light outside her bedroom window. The light came into her room, and she was terrified that aliens were trying to "suck" her out of the window. She said her dad told her the next day that he had seen green light outside the house. From that night on, she told me, she would wait until everyone else in the family was asleep then sneak onto her parents' bedroom and sleep on the floor.

She also told me of recurring dreams of alien Armageddon that she had had off and on in her life. That is not so strange to me, as I have learned that a LOT of people have recurring alien Armageddon dreams, but one version of her dream was particularly interesting. It involved her and her whole class at school being taken from their school bus, lined up and made to kneel on the ground while "strange people" stuck needles in the soles of their feet, so that the strange people could keep track of them. The woman claims that she still has the mark on her foot.

She also said that these childhood experiences have absolutely no connection to the report she filed a few weeks ago about the light in the sky, which I think is a pretty interesting detail.

Honestly, I'm not sure what I think of this, but I am intrigued. This is one of those rare cases where it feels like an episode of the X Files just landed in my lap. My working theory is that the woman reported the light in the sky as a trial balloon, to see if MUFON would respond and to see how we would treat the case. That doesn't mean I mistrust her motives or her childhood memories, but I would need to know a whole lot more before deciding whats going on. All I can say is that she and her husband seemed sincere when we met with them last week.

So, I told her that she had three choices: First, if all she needed was to get this story off her chest to someone who would hear her out without making fun of her, and now that she has she doesn't need to go any further with it, that's cool. Case closed. Second, if she wanted to report the other experiences to MUFON, then my State Director would get involved, and all hell would break loose. Third, if she wasn't sure what she wanted to do, we could just keep the lines of communication open and I would respect any decision she might make. I have not heard back from her, and there's a good chance I may not.

I did notify my State Director, however, and guess what? Not only is she already 100% certain that we're dealing with a contact phenomenon that passes from mother to daughter, but she is all set to mobilize MUFON's alien abduction SWAT Team and she's already contacted a time-regression hypnotist...

Which makes this the first time I've ever felt that I need to protect a witness from MUFON.


Dave said...

You may come to regret telling that State Director about this woman's possible abduction encounter. That Director has the bit between her teeth and she wants a major story. That possible woman abductee may not be your friend for much longer.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

I hear you Dave. I've been keeping the witness in the loop on this, and she has made it very clear that she is not interested in hypnosis or in making this case a "major story." I'm probably going to meet with her and her husband again in the next few days, and we'll see what she has to say.

purrlgurrl said...

I guess maybe you shouldn't have told the State Director without first getting the woman's permission to do so and warning her of the possibility of that opening up a big can of worms. But this is one of those things we think about after the fact. Consider it a life lesson (I have at least one every day - smile). Sounds like you're trying to take care of the witness.

Lorin Cutts said...

There are many alarming things about this post that I really don't know where to start.

The fact that you seem to be having serious questions about MUFON and the fact that you are posting this in such an honest way is highly commendable and I thank you for your honesty. People who report such experiences are often in a highly vulnerable condition and the very last thing that they should be subjected to is the kind of onslaught that you are suggesting, should the MUFON higher-ups become involved.

Alien Abduction SWAT Team? Really? There are so many things wrong with this premise that my mind almost short circuits. It's bad enough when real people are turned into case numbers, but this - what are the subliminals of this? Erm, don't you dare fucking report this? You are somehow in deep trouble? You are a victim or a target? You are, at the very least, going to have to face another ordeal for reporting it?

Then there's the hypnosis. Ah, yes, Ufology's faithful friend. How scientific! And what better way to lose any kind of real account of what this person has possibly experienced.

At what point are we going to start calling MUFON exactly what it really is?

The very least, a menace to serious Ufology, at the very worst... well, I won't even finish that sentence.

You want my advice? Leave MUFON far behind. Just read back your own words to yourself.

All the very best,


Dave said...

After 47 years in business, I couldn't tell you any of MUFON's accomplishments. Unless you are discussing that bogus Hanger One program, I wouldn't want to hang my hat on that show. I haven't heard many kind words about MUFON in most UFO forums. Mark, I do hope you are getting something out of being a researcher. It can't be money!!

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Mark UFO'Connell said...

I appreciate everyone's concern with this case. I met with the witness the other day, and she's a very interesting person with very interesting stories to tell. We had a long talk about her experiences, and here's the upshot:
1) Her earlier experiences could have been memories or dreams.
2) She has absolutely no desire to undergo time-regression hypnosis; in fact her mind was made up before we even had a chance to discuss it.
3) She is now certain that the object she and her husband reported seeing a few weeks ago was a sundog, and I agree.
4) Her earlier dreams/memories/experiences involve strange entities, but no UFOs. I encouraged her to read Vallee's "Passport to Magonia" and let me know what she thinks.

Anonymous said...

Why not just get out of MUFON if you're so against everything they stand for? Sounds like your blog is just another anti-everything "UFO" blog. Go "volunteer" and be angry somewhere else, and pick a subject you're actually interested in this time.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

I've been in MUFON since 2011, Anon, and for the most part it's been a great experience working with great people. Yes, I have some problems with the new state manager, especially her eagerness to put witnesses into regression hypnosis, and it has made me question whether I want to continue with MUFON. My main interest is working with the witnesses, and as long as I can continue to do that, then it's workable.

Saucerspud said...

Mark, I haven't had much of a chance to read your blog the past several months. Thank goodness for holiday down-time! Anyway, this new state director personifies all that is wrong with MUFON specifically and the UFO phenomena in general. Coming up with answers with zero proof and zero adherence to any type of scientific method. The unhealthy obsession with contactee/abduction stories. Ugh. It's frustrating and heartbreaking. The mainstream will never, ever take UFOs seriously until those investigating UFOs become serious. You're fighting the good fight and kudos to you for that.

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