High Strangeness: The REAL Roswell UFO Cover-up!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The REAL Roswell UFO Cover-up!

It looks as though the great Roswell Debate may not be posted on KGRARadio.com any time soon, if ever. That's the only conclusion I can draw from the fact that I haven't heard a thing from KGRA host Race Hobbs since this message, sent to me on October 18:
"I sure will (post a copy of the debate) as soon as our copy is done. Tea said he had a video guy recording the first part but not the last side of the debate, which I have recorded.
"We will let you know, Mark, and by the way, you did a really good job my man!"
Ok, I appreciate that, but it's been a couple weeks now, and if the debate was in fact recorded, and if Race thinks I did such a kick-ass job debating Don Schmitt, why hasn't it been posted anywhere yet? And why hasn't Race responded to my follow-up email?

Think about it: KGRA was the damned sponsor of the debate, and they haven't posted it. Did it maybe not turn out the way they expected it to?
Could this be why KGRA hasn't posted the Roswell Debate? After all, their man RD was up on that stage in Mexico City ...

In lieu of the actual debate, then, I'll just share a few items of interest.

First up is this message sent the day after the debate by my niece Rxxxxx to my daughter Dxxxxx. My niece had a vendor table at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, you see, and this is what she heard in the vendor's room after the debate:
"The consensus of many people I've been eavesdropping on was that Uncle Mark fucking killed whoever that other guy was in the debate."
Not very scientific, I'll grant you, but my niece would never tell a lie.

Also, my sister Mxxxx the lawyer said I won the debate by virtue of the fact that Don Schmitt kept agreeing with me! Ha!

I'll tell you one thing we did not agree on, however. At a couple points in the debate, I quoted some statements that Dr. J. Allen Hynek had made during his career that pretty much shot the legs out from under Don's 30-some years of Roswell "research."

First was this quote from a 1975 letter Hynek wrote to Dr. Carl Sagan, in which he stated, "I do not, and have never, supported the idea that UFOs were nuts-and-bolts hardware from some very distant place."

Next, I quoted from an OMNI Magazine interview published in February, 1985, in which Hynek said the following:
"To be honest I don't like to talk about crashed saucers, because I am in a position to mobilize public belief. If I came out and held a press conference to say that a saucer has landed and and the creatures were in deep freeze at Wright Field, quite a few people would believe me. But it wouldn't necessarily be true, and it certainly wouldn't be science... I won't jeopardize my reputation for the sake of a story."
Well, these quotes seriously bugged Don, but instead of rebutting the quotes, guess what he did? He explained to all gathered that Dr. Hynek was suffering from brain cancer at the time he said these things, and only said them because he was experiencing diminished brain capacity!

That's right, according to Don Schmitt, Dr. Hynek was suffering from severely impaired judgement and didn't know what he was saying when he disagreed with Don's "research." Don's implication was that if Dr. Hynek had been of sound mind, he would not have said these things and would, in fact, have wholeheartedly agreed with Don's theories.

What a load of crap. Of all the cheap, sleazy ways to defend yourself, Don's characterization of Dr. Hynek disagreeing with him only because he was mentally incapacitated is the cheapest and sleaziest by a mile.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry..but why would Mr. Schmitt even be a part of the conversation? Has his credibility suddenly taken an about face and become trustworthy?
He is far more about being in the spotlight and getting paid for his half truths and uneducated assumptions.
At best, he should be holding the door open at conferences, for the real Ufologist.

Anonymous said...

Having Schmitt as a guest is why Ufology will always be looked at as a joke or as entertainment. Most people don't know his backround. He is presented as some sort of expert. There are damn few of those in this field.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

God knows why any of these Roswell buffoons continue to get a seat at the table, but as long as their misinformation is only spewed at "UFO conferences" I guess the damage can be contained somewhat.

Terry the Censor said...

> according to Don Schmitt, Dr. Hynek was suffering from severely impaired judgement...when he disagreed with Don's "research."

Wow! I gotta hear that debate when it's finally posted. (Baseball is finally over, so I will make a little time for podcasts and such.)

Inception Radio Network said...

Very Interesting Marc. I would love to hear the debate.KGRA has had many problems with credibility. Strange they will not post it. We would gladly post it on Inception Radio Network if we had permission too. It's about the truth and not about the money!