High Strangeness: My New UFO Headache

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My New UFO Headache

If you're as ancient as me, you may remember the opening sequence from the brilliant 1960's spy show, "The Prisoner," in which the unnamed spy played by Patrick McGoohan angrily resigns from his unnamed spy agency after bursting through the doors to his boss' office. It looked like this:

Well, I may be close to doing something very much like this with my new boss at MUFON. In fact, I may have just done it!

Regular readers may recall that about a year ago I took a leave of absence from my post as a MUFON Certified UFO Field Investigator as I finished my Hynek book. A few weeks ago I decided to rejoin and get back in on the fun, partly because this work really is fascinating, and partly because I may still want to write a book about my adventures as a UFO investigator, and to do that I need more material.

In the year I was gone, however, much has changed. Wisconsin has a new State Director, and she and I are matter and anti-matter, if you know what I mean.

Things started out badly in our first exchange. She informed me in no uncertain terms that she expects me to respond to her emails the same day, no exceptions--and this woman writes a LOT of emails. I wrote back and politely informed her that I would endeavor to respond to her emails in a timely manner, but that it probably wouldn't be the same day.

Next she insisted that I buy this $20 book about orbs written by some MUFON guy, because it turns out that she thinks every UFO reported to MUFON is an orb with telepathic abilities. I politely informed her that I will not be buying the book, but that hasn't kept her from "suggesting" every few days that I buy it. She has shared several of her orb case reports with me, and when it comes to her case dispositions, she says that "natural and man-made causes have been ruled out." I asked her how she had ruled out natural and man-made causes, and she basically said it was because she knew they were orbs.

Then yesterday she emailed me to say that she had contacted a witness in one of the cases she had assigned to me, to "introduce" me as the investigator who will be handling her sighting. Only problem is, I have already emailed this witness twice and introduced myself twice, which my State Director already knows.

I find this embarrassing and problematic, so I wrote to my SD tonight and told her so. I stated my belief that it is confusing to a witness to be contacted by multiple people in the organization. Then I stated my belief that when she "introduces" me to a witness to whom I have already introduced myself, not once but twice, it makes us look like unorganized amateurs. Then I stated my belief that by contacting a witness in my case behind my back, she sends me the message that she doesn't trust me to do my job.

On top of that, I am about to submit my first new case report, and I know she's going to hate it, because she was pretty sure the witness was receiving telepathic messages from the orb, but the witness told me that she did not receive any messages, telepathic or otherwise, from the object. Ouch.

I am not looking forward to my new boss' next email. It's not going to be good.