High Strangeness: Roswell Hiccup

Friday, October 7, 2016

Roswell Hiccup

Oh no!

Don Schmitt has just asked the moderators of The Great Roswell Debate that he be able to show a video as part of his opening statement! I think it's a bit fishy that he is trying to modify the terms of the debate only 9 days ahead of the event, but more than that, the rules of debate, as I interpret them,
Lest we forget how this whole thing started...
seem to make this a bit dicey for Don. Here's what they say:

Visual materials are permissible, and once introduced, they become available for the opponents' use if desired.

But Don, I am told, is not willing to make the video available... Will this be a problem? What could be in that video? Does he have some kind of "October Surprise" in store? Inquiring minds want to know...


Unknown said...

Hi Mark,

I wouldn't worry too much about the video, he has to fill time in some other way than discussing the facts. If the debate is going to be only about facts in Roswell it shouldn't last very long. There simply aren't many hard facts involved.

Here's a hint, don't let him get away with talking about witnesses who claim to have seen alien bodies. Do your research, most if not all of those people have been discredited.

I think something that wasn't a balloon came down at Roswell, I've seen no evidence that it was alien.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Thanks, Neal, I appreciate your comments!

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