High Strangeness: Backstage at The Great Roswell Debate

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Backstage at The Great Roswell Debate

Now that the Great Roswell Debate between me and Don Schmitt is in the history books, I can talk a little about some of the backstage drama leading up to the event.

A few short days ago, it was looking as though the Debate would be called off.  What could cause such a catastrophe, you ask? You may not believe this, but there was a some last-minute hanky-panky perpetrated by Mr. Schmitt that threatened to derail the whole thing and leave a couple hundred angry people demanding their money back. Don may be used to that, but I'm not.

Several days ago, I got a panicky email from Tea Krulos, the amazing organizer of the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, informing me that Don wanted to show a video as part of his 3-minute opening statement. Tea and the debate moderator were uncomfortable with the last-minute demand, and the fact that Don wouldn't let them see the video, but asked me if I would be ok if they allowed it. At first blush I thought the video idea was harmless enough, but then I read up a little on debate rules and discovered this:
 "Visual materials are permissible, and once introduced, they become available for the opponents' use if desired."
I ran this past Tea and the debate moderator and asked if this meant Don was required to share his video with us before the debate, and they said, why, yes it does!

So, they communicated that to Don and he refused. Not only did he refuse, he told them that if they continued to demand access to the video that he would drop out of the debate.

Wow. So, suddenly, this innocent little video has taken on a very menacing aspect... Tea and the moderator are upset because Don is making a mockery of the debate, and I'm worried that the video might contain some personal attack (and, yes, there is precedence for this). And Don absolutely refuses to share the video. Tea is ready to pull the plug on the whole thing, and for a day or two, things are looking very precarious...

Then, out of the blue, Don shares the video with Tea and the moderator, and Tea sends the video along to me with this note:
"Um...ok, Don forwarded his video. This is unexpected!"
I watch the video, and I'm gobsmacked. It's an ancient George Carlin stand-up comedy routine--well, it's a rant, really, and it's not funny at all--in which Carlin warns his audience that the world is run by an unnamed powerful elite who screw us over in every way imaginable, and we're all blind to what's going on around us, and we're all basically fucked.

For a day or so after watching the video, Tea and the debate moderator and I exchange a long train of emails, in which we basically ask each other "WTF?" over and over again. Tea and the moderator ask me to explain Don Schmitt to them, and I can't. I just can't. They're still thinking of pulling the plug on the whole thing.

However, Tea and the debate moderator are now very amenable to my comments and suggestions, and they come up with a plan we can all agree on:
  1. Don can show his video as his opening statement, but because he's allotted 3 minutes for his opening statement and the video is 3 minutes long, the video will be his opening statement.
  2. Don has to present his video before I give my opening statement, giving me the chance to respond directly to the video.
  3. Because the moderator is suspicious that Don will try to pull a switcheroo and play a different video the day of the debate, Don will not be allowed anywhere near a laptop; only the debate moderator can show the video.
Fun, right?

Here's the point in the blog post where I should be posting a link to KGRARadio.com so that you can go there to listen to their archived webcast of the debate, but they don't seem to have posted it yet. I have emailed the dude in charge at KGRA for that information, and will post it here when I hear back from him... Which could be a while, because to date he has not responded to any of my messages.

Along those same lines, a reader here commented that he tried to listen to the webcast live yesterday afternoon, but that KGRA was playing some other program. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but... KGRA is a major sponsor of the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, and if they did NOT webcast the debate, I'd be interested to know why... If any of you out there were able to listen to the webcast Saturday afternoon without any trouble, please let me know!

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Paul Carr said...

Interesting. I hope we'll get a chance to listen to the recording. Failing that, I have to interpret this stunt to mean Schmitt knows he's got nothing compelling of a factual nature.