High Strangeness: Speculation Over Hynek UFO Book Finally Ends!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Speculation Over Hynek UFO Book Finally Ends!

Is this man smiling because he's read my book?

The suspense is over.

It took my editor at Dey Street Books longer than expected to get through my manuscript (apparently he's working on other books??), but it was worth the wait, because he came through today with some great news:

Hi, Mark:
What can I say…You’ve delivered a tremendously accurate, substantial, and riveting book, which has exceeded expectations that were very high to begin with. I was enthralled by the amount of research you put into the draft, and despite your lack of a first-person voice I was able to sense that you (author, critic, historian, Hynekian) had so much fun with this. That made it all the better to read.

Considering that this is coming from a guy who came into this knowing nothing about UFO history and culture, it feels like pretty high praise, and I'm on Cloud 9. 

More news soon!

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