High Strangeness: UFO-curious?

Friday, July 1, 2016


The publisher's deadline for my Hynek book is fast approaching, and I am happy to say that the final chapters are coming together very well. There will be lots of surprises for both the UFO die-hards and the UFO-curious. Wish I could say more, but then you wouldn't need to buy the book!
Yes, this is still happening: the exact opposite of unique and fascinating.

Let's just say that I have found some very unique sources for information about Dr. J. Allen Hynek's work as a UFOlogists, and they have provided me with some fascinating material regarding everything from hypnotism to alien abductions to saucer crashes, and much, much more! The cool thing about these sources and this material was that a lot of it was right under my nose, hiding in plain sight the whole time, and the rest of it just came fluttering through the window and landed in my lap just in the past few weeks, at the exact moment that I needed it. Which, for UFO lore, is really quite appropriate.

Speaking of unique, fascinating takes on the UFO phenomenon, here's a brilliant article my son turned me on to this week, about UFOs, aliens, Roswell, Area 51, the atomic age and the American southwest. It should be required reading for anyone interested in the topic...

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