High Strangeness: UFOs & Tornadoes & Lakes & Picture Windows

Thursday, October 1, 2015

UFOs & Tornadoes & Lakes & Picture Windows

I just got off the phone with the witness in my latest MUFON Case, and even though her story wasn't really all that spectacular, there were some intriguing wrinkles that kept me on the phone much longer than expected...

It was another historical case (which seems to be becoming my speciality), this time going all the way back to 1964. It involved a dozen pre-teen and teenaged kids out playing on a summer evening outside their families' lakeside cabins. There were three families represented, staying at three neighboring cabins on the SE shore of Lake Waubesa, just south of Madison, WI. The six parents had gone to a tavern across the lake (this is Wisconsin), leaving the kids to their own devices.

(NOTE: There was, and still is, a Bible camp just north of where the sighting occurred. What that means I cannot say) 

The witness can't remember who saw them first, but suddenly all the kids were aware of a trio of objects hovering out over the lake, or just beyond it, perhaps a mile away, in the direction of Madison. The objects were saucer-shaped, and each had red, blue and green lights spinning around their edges, although the saucers themselves never moved or changed positions. Suddenly one of the kids--the witness recalled it was "one of the twins"--said, "Oh my God, it's a flying saucer!" and all the kids high-tailed it back to the closest cabin. When the adults came back, they were fully briefed by the excited kids, but by that time the saucers had vamoosed. She feels sure that the kids must have gone back outside with the parents to look for the saucers, but she can't recall.
UFOs & lakes... just like peanut butter & chocolate.

Everyone seemed to forgot about it, except for my witness. It's been 51 years and the memory still sticks with her... Her husband is a fan of UFO and paranormal cable TV shows, and although he is what she described as "a healthy skeptic," he persuaded her to report her sighting. Before reporting, she checked with her two sisters; one remembered the event, and the other did not. The witness has no idea how to contact the other kids involved, and the cabins have long since been torn down and replaced by new owners.

Pretty straighforward, right? But here are the details I find so interesting, offered to you now without judgement:
  • No one saw the saucers appear or disappear
  • The sister who remembers the sighting now insists she "doesn't believe in UFOs"
  • The witness recalled having a strange feeling that the saucers or something in them was watching the kids watch them
  • The witness had an experience at age 5 or 6 while living in a different state in which she woke up at night to see a cigar-shaped object hovering outside the house and visible through her bedroom window, then fell back asleep; she also felt at the time that the object or something in it was watching her
  • The witness has experienced alien abduction dreams all her life, but often the dreams revolve around tornadoes swarming outside the picture windows of her house, and a terrifying feeling that the tornadoes are looking for her, and coming for her
  • Also, regarding UFOs and lakes, I recently interviewed a witness about a 2004 case involving 2 or 3 similar lighted flying objects over Lake Kegonsa, just a few miles south of Lake Waubesa... the lights were seen simultaneously by 3 adult witnesses in 3 different locations, all connected by phone
  • Also again, regarding UFOs and lakes, I also recently investigated a 1976 case involving 6 kids, ages 10 to 12, out late at night at a lake being scared out of their wits by brilliant lights in a tree
  • Still also, too, I once investigated a 1990's case where the witness dreamed of seeing aliens in her front yard walking towards her house, with a creepy twist: she and her seemingly hypnotized family could see the approaching aliens through the picture window in their living room 
Probably nothing to it, right? I guess if you do this long enough, small things like picture windows start to take on ominous meanings, and you start to see patterns and connections everywhere...


Anonymous said...

Once you see a UFO up close and personal, you can remember the facts of the sighting like it happened yesterday.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Excellent point!

purrlgurrl said...

My sister, who now lives with me, repeatedly dreams she's being pursued by aliens in the night. We keep a rather bright night light on (actually a small lamp) every night between her bedroom and mine. We both sleep in rather stuffy bedrooms, so we keep our doors open. I'm a very light sleeper and wake up easily to the slightest sound, even a change in her breathing. I cannot report that I have ever awakened to find aliens prowling in or outside the house looking for either of us. I believe her dream aliens are merely symbolic, as I suspect they might well be in the witness dreams you describe. While interesting, the dreams might well mean something entirely different than what they seem on the surface.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Now that's a fascinating thought... There must be an entire dream language involving UFO and alien imagery. Jung would be all over that!