High Strangeness: UFO Witnesses Say the Darndest Things

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

UFO Witnesses Say the Darndest Things

One of my recent MUFON cases brought up an interesting topic: When reporting her sighting, a witness indicated that the UFO she saw actually "Transformed Reality."

As you can imagine, this box is seldom ever checked by UFO witnesses. What made this instance even more interesting was the fact that the witness had also checked off "Affected You Physically" and "Affected You Psychologically," so this case was a rare trifecta of unusual qualities in a UFO sighting. 
UFOs chasing cars? What else is there to say but "WTF"?

And yet, when reading her account of the event, I saw very little to indicate any physical or psychological effects, and nothing at all to indicate any transformation of reality... But since my State Director indicated on the report that I should check for missing time, I was duty-bound to look into it.

The case involved three adults in a car late at night with two sleeping children; the adults saw three or four objects that at various times looked like lights, a star, orbs, the flame of a cigarette lighter, and discs, and these objects seemed to chase the car the witness was riding in. She reported that she and her two friends spent much of the duration of the sighting screaming "WTF?" but only one of the kids woke up and he fell bask asleep immediately. When they finally pulled over at a gas station there was only one object left in the sky. The final object disappeared but none of the witnesses actually saw it disappear. Later they saw something over Lake Michigan that they thought was the same thing they had seen earlier.

When I interviewed the witness, her account of the sighting stuck pretty closely to what she had written in her original report. There were so many "WTF?"s I felt as though I was right there in the car with her! But, as in the report, there was no actual mention of any missing time... no blackouts, no abductions, nothing. I was puzzled. So, I asked her how exactly the UFOs had affected her psychologically, and she said, "Well... I was really scared!" Then I asked her how exactly the UFOs had affected her physically, and she said, "Well... I was REALLY scared!"

Feeling like I was onto something, I plunged ahead into the big question: "How did the UFOs transform reality?"

She hesitated a moment, then said, "I kept screaming 'WTF! IS THIS FOR REAL??'"

Who knew it could be that simple?


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