High Strangeness: Fifty Years of Swamp Gas -- Part II

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fifty Years of Swamp Gas -- Part II

I love it when a plan comes together.

Just yesterday I wrote about the Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan next March to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Dexter-Hillsdale "Swamp Gas" UFO case, and how excited I am to be taking part in it. You may also remember from earlier posts (way earlier) that I had actually been invited to two Dexter-Hillsdale conferences, this first one in Ann Arbor put on by the Michigan MUFON chapter, and the second put on by the alumni association of Hillsdale College itself, in nearby Hillsdale, MI.

Well, for months I've been trying to get the two organizers together to discuss some sort of cooperative effort whereby the attendees of the MUFON event could spend at least part of that weekend at Hillsdale College. As I learned from my recent visit to  Kelly, Kentucky, there's nothing like being at the actual spot of a UFO incident to make you feel truly connected to the history of it.
Some of the Hillsdale College co-eds who saw the "UFO"

I guess it just took a little patience, because today the connection between Michigan MUFON and Hillsdale College was made! Email addresses and phone numbers have been exchanged, and barring an alien attack I am confident that these two will be talking very soon.

The gentleman from Hillside actually sweetened the pot today. He mentioned that the College has just opened a beautiful new conference center that would make a perfect venue for the conference. Then the gentleman from Michigan MUFON said he'd love to talk to the man from Hillsdale ASAP, as his group wants to start publicizing the event fairly soon... It just seems kind of perfect for the connection to be made today.

It would mean a lot more to me to be able to give my talk right where the Hillsdale sighting took place... We could all tromp out to the college arboretum and see the exact spot where nearly 90 witnesses saw what they thought was an honest-to-God alien spacecraft! How cool is that?

(Even cooler: I've suggested that the Michigan MUFON Director lobby MUFON HQ to dedicate an episode of its cable TV show "Hangar 1" to the Michigan "Swamp Gas" Conference, and he seems to think it's a great idea!)

I have another big conference on my calendar for 2016: the "Roswell debate" at next year's Milwaukee Paranormal Conference. You may recall that Roswell Slides impresario Donald Schmitt recently challenged me -- not directly but through the Conference organizer -- to take part in a debate about "Roswell" at next October's event. Well, since I've been in reaching out mode this week I shot the organizer a note to ask how the planning was coming along, and to ask if we could meet to discuss just how the debate will be handled.

He said he wanted to meet, then mentioned something that struck me as a little odd... He said that since he notified Schmitt that I had accepted his challenge, he hasn't heard back from Schmitt at all.


Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise. Schmitt probably thought you wouldn't take the bait and debate him. I'm not sure how he could defend his actions after the Roswell slides affair. Of course, if there is money to be made, the faithful will always show up for him.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Ah, but there's a catch!

As things stand today, there is NO money to be made from this proposed debate! The conference organizer did not charge for admission for the first event in June and believe he is going to maintain that policy for next year's event. Of course, a public debate could boost book sales for both Schmitt and myself, so there's always that.

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