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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

UFO Paperwork

I have a confession to make. My life's been pretty busy lately, and I've kind of fallen behind on my MUFON caseload... to the tune of about, oh... 13 cases.

I'm trying not to feel too bad about it. I am a volunteer, after all; heck, we all are, and I think it's a safe bet that there are a lot of Certified UFO Field Investigators out there in UFO land who are at least as behind as I am, maybe more. And, as I said, life's been very busy.

So I log in this week and see that I'm 13 in the hole, and I try not to feel bad about it, and then I learn that MUFON has just revamped the reporting forms we all have to use when filing our case reports. This. I do not need. My experience with MUFON improving its reporting system is that it always becomes more complicated, more cumbersome, and less fun.
Would it really hurt anything if we just got rid of UFO classifications entirely?

The big change is that we now have something called "Form 30" that we have to fill out when investigating a Category 2 or 3 sighting, as determined by the "Vallee/Hynek rating system" (Category 1 sightings are still reported on the complicated, cumbersome old form, now humorously referred to as the "Short Form"). This is a little strange, because as I understand it there are 5 categories to this system. Cat 1,2 & 3 roughly correspond to the 3-tiered Close Encounters categories, but then you've got Cat 4 (Reality Transformation) and Cat 5 (Injury or Death) so I'm not sure what we're supposed to do with Cat 4 & 5 cases...

So, my concerns that things are about to get more complicated seem to be justified...

Case in point: One of my first new cases started out a Cat 3-4, then was downgraded to a Category 1 case, but my State Director has advised me to "check for missing time" which seems to me to place it firmly in Cat 2 territory. So which form do I use??
This is when we saw (3) flame/copper/yellowish/orangish/whiteish disk/orb/fire ball looking objects coming at us in a diagonal vertical line. All of a sudden a fourth one appeared out of nowhere just right (east) of the other (3). There were no light trails behind them, I don't believe they made any noise (We had our windows down but I'm not 100% sure that they didn't make any noise because we were all yelling so hysterically for my fiance to drive faster that if they were making a sound it could have been missed by all the commotion) They were probably 100yrds away at this point.
My fiance kept yelling for one of us to take a picture or video but for some reason (and i know it sounds stupid) I absolutely felt/knew that if I was to turn around and point my phone at them to take a picture or video I would have been done. When I say "done" I'm not really sure what I mean to be honest but I just felt like if i pointed my phone at them to take a picture it would have pissed them off even more and they would have gotten me or done something to us. I know it sounds crazy but the strangest thing about this whole experience is the feelings we all felt. They were so intense, I don't know if you would consider it fear or the not knowing what was going to happen to us or just that it was so unexplainable.
Anyway, these (4) objects were gaining on us and at this pint we all knew that they were chasing us. They then changed formation into a V and the opening of the V was pointed towards us. We were racing down this road at probably 70 - 80mph and made another right hand turn to the west towards Bxxxxxx & the gas station that we were heading to before all of this initially started. So after we made this last right hand turn we were now headed west and there was a farm field on the north side of the road. I had to force myself to look back to see where these things were. This is when I noticed that they had cut off the corner that we just turned on and were heading southwest straight at us in the V formation. I honestly thought that we were done, that we were about to be abducted, but honestly I didn't know what was gonna happen because it was just so unexplainable.
 It's my first day back and I'm already confused!!

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Anonymous said...

These people at MUFON do realize you are a volunteer researcher, don't they? I would be reluctant to fill out all that useless paperwork even if they were paying me.