High Strangeness: UFO: The Musical!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

UFO: The Musical!

Boy, you take a few days away from UFO world and everything just dies... Ever since Shepherd Johnson revealed the nearly 200 pages of documents verifying the origin and history of the mummy in the slides formerly known as the Roswell Slides, the whole place has gone quiet... Everyone, it seems, is done with the mummy, the slides, and, possibly, with UFOs in general. I wouldn't blame anybody for feeling that way.

But, wait! There is still something to be done about the Roswell Slides! We must still hunt down and publicly excoriate the infamous Adam Dew. He cannot get away with what he has done to UFOlogy!

It occurred to me this morning that there may be a way to smoke Adam Dew out from whatever dark place in which he's hiding. I started looking for contact info or a website for Dew Media, Inc., but all I came up with was a showcase of his video work on Vimeo. No help there.

Then I looked on linkedin.com and sure enough, there he was; just click here to see. But, guess what? There's no contact info given for Dew Media! Damn that scoundrel! He knew that sooner or later someone would come looking!

Well, I sent him a message on linkedin asking to be business buddies, and I think you should too. I think everyone who has followed the Slides fiasco at even the most casual level should message Mr. Dew and ask him what's going on with the slides, and with his movie project, "Kodachrome."

Speaking of "Kodachrome," a quick check at imdb.com showed that much of the production info on the movie has been deleted or edited. Either it's not happening, or the people involved just don't want to reveal anything about it. Which is weird, because before May 5th there was a whole lot of info about the movie there. It all just went "poof!"

Still, I was able to dig up a little info, like this film still:

The climactic scene from Adam Dew's "Kodachrome"
I was so psyched to find this still on imdb.com, I decided to send a message to Adam Dew there, too. I posted a comment on the "Kodachrome" message board, and I encourage you to do the same! It's free, so what's stopping you? 

Anyway, here's the comment I left for Adam Dew and his production team:

I am so psyched to see this movie -- the TRUE story of the Roswell slides and how Adam Dew lucked into possession of these slides that PROVE that an alien crash landed in a UFO in Roswell in 1947 and then how Dew joined forces with some of the sketchiest players in the UFO trade to snag headlines around the world in the buildup to their great reveal of the ROSWELL SMOKING GUN in Mexico and the almost immediate discovery that the slides showed a mummified human child and not an ET as Dew and his cronies had claimed!
I am totally confident that this movie will answer the following questions:

Who is Adam Dew?

How much money did he make on this project?

How hard was it to fool Carey, Dolan, Maussan & Schmitt?

How can this movie, that has such a massive, monumental story to tell -- let's be real, this is the "Les Miserables" of the UFO world -- be described as a "Comedy Short?"

C'mon now, go and post something there yourself! Let's let Adam Dew know that we haven't forgotten about him. I'm sure that will make his day :)


Anonymous said...

Do you hear the people sing, singing a song of angry men... We are looking for Adam Dew, hoping he'll show his face again.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

I cried when I read that...

Tom said...

Les Miserables? Good choice. I posit a different Broadway musical, based on the concept of "The Book Of Mormon" - "The Book Of Moron".

Dressed like the MIB, the Sliders will dance, prance & sing their way across the stage and into oblivion. Mini-Me will play the Mummy. Ellen DeGeneres will play Richard Dolan. William Shatner's wig will play Don Schmitt. I'm open to suggestions in rounding out the cast.

I must admit that I fear this play will probably close after opening night. Oh well, there's always Off-Broadway.

Does Roswell have a theater?

Mark UFO'Connell said...

That's awesome casting, Tom. Ellen DeGeneres in particular is very inspiring. Just for some gravitas (and diversity) I'm gonna suggest Morgan Freeman as Carey, Michael Caine as Bragalia, Joachin Phoenix as Adam Dew, and Emma Stone as Maussan, (since she is currently playing a Pacific Islander in "Aloha," I'm confident she could pull it off). I respectfully suggest Tom Cruise as the mummy...

Mark UFO'Connell said...

A few years back the locals put on "Roswell: The Musical" as part of the annual Roswell Days celebration. I once tracked down the original writer and director of the show in the hopes of mounting a revival, and learned that the two of them had had "creative differences." Sadly, that was the end of the play being performed. Even sadder, both men were so pissed at each other that they BOTH threw out every copy of the play they could lay their hands on! There is probably a copy floating around somewhere...

Anonymous said...

Please Mark, don't cry... I was just trying to be witty.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

People singing a song of angry men always gets to me.

Tom said...

Ok Mark, you're now my co-producer. Mini-Me is out, Cruise is in. This way we can include the Great Galactic Lord Xenu into the play. Brilliant! Also, I'm green-lighting the rest of your cast choices.

"Roswell: The Musical"? Pfffft. "The Book Of Moron" will attract audiences from as far away as Corona. Whaddya say we get Richard Dreyfus to play Uncle Stan?

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Oh man, this is gonna be BIG! It's going to be just like "The Producers"!

Tom said...

Exactly! I'll be the fat one, you'll be the skinny one and Linda Moulton-Howe will be your love interest.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

I dunno... her beret will steal every scene.