High Strangeness: UFOs and Winnebagos

Thursday, April 23, 2015

UFOs and Winnebagos

Last night I interviewed a witness who had recently reported a "historical" UFO sighting to MUFON, and it was one of the strangest, most confusing conversations I have ever had...

The sighting took place in 1973, in northern Wisconsin. The witness saw a bright white circle out over the farm fields near his aunt's trailer home, and he watched it hover and move about for a while. When he called his "fiesty" grandmother to look at it, it disappeared. He believed the sighting lasted three hours, because he remembers looking at the clock at 9 pm and then again at midnight, but he doesn't remember those three hours passing... Later, he and his mom traveled to another state in her RV, and the witness woke up in the Winnebago with his pillow covered with blood and a black crystal on the bed. He knew that the crystal had come out of his nose as he slept, and that it had been placed in his nose during those three missing hours. Some time later his mom sold the RV.

So, the story is a little odd, perhaps, but that comes with the territory. Well, when I interviewed the witness last night it just got heebier and jeebier...

The man seemed to remember the general, overall thrust of the story, but he was completely foggy on the details. We had to go over things many many times for the story to make any sense at all, and even after all that effort it didn't really work out very well. A half-hour later, I felt as though I had just had a missing time experience...
It's just like in Disney's "Escape to Witch Mountain!"

First it came out that all of these events took place on a long, multi-state, cross-country road trip, and that the UFO sighting didn't take place in Wisconsin at all, but in another Midwest state. So I shouldn't even have been talking to the dude.

Then it came out that the crystal in the nose on the pillow episode took place ten years after the UFO sighting, on a completely different road trip.

Finally it came out that the mom actually sold the RV with the black crystal in it, apparently still on the bed.

You may be disappointed to learn that I did not have the nerve to ask him if the blood soaked pillow was also sold with the RV, and he didn't offer up any information on that. But he repeated several times that he really, really wishes he could track down that Winnebago and buy it back so he could get that crystal back. Because, of course, it would still be there. On the bed.

And that would explain everything.

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