High Strangeness: The Fearsome (Swishing) Fireball

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Fearsome (Swishing) Fireball

Everyone's talking about Roswell Slides these day, but I have my own photographic issues to deal with here in the trenches of UFO investigation. Where the real work is being done. *ahem*

I was recently assigned a "fireball" case that included the photographic evidence shown below.

Shh! I think I can hear it swishing...

 Here's the witness' account of the sighting:
"I was on the road near Medison (Wisconsin), when I noticed a burning fireball like object in the sky. It flew slowly from east to west and ascended. I stopped my car and took a photo before it disappeared into the clouds. I heard the swishing sound of the object at this time. It was about 60-80(?) feet in diameter and fearsome."

My MUFON State Director was dubious when he sent me the assignment, saying:

"If this is real, it's a nice capture. My hunch tells me this is photoshopped due to the lack of information provided by the witness. If this were a real capture, you would think that the excitement of seeing something so close would prompt the witness to provide more info. Let me know what you come up with. I can always send it to Marc D'Antonio, the MUFON photo analysis expert. I had him on our show a few weeks in a row. He is a very interesting fellow."
I had to agree. To me, the fireball looks too perfect, too clean, too round, too perfectly placed in the center of the frame... Also, it could just be a trick of perspective, but the witness said it was ascending and it appears to be descending. Also, why only one photo?
But still.

I have tried contacting Mr. D'Antonio, MUFON's resident photo expert, but haven't gotten a reply. He is, doubtless, one very busy dude, but I trust he'll come through.

Meanwhile, what the hell do you make of it?


purrlgurrl said...

Me, I always love a report where without any frame of reference for measurement and/or seen at a great height or distance, the object's size is nevertheless reported by the witness. Never mind the photo. This guy lost me at 60-80 feet.

Sunspot Mike said...

Photoshop all the way. If it went east to west and was that big, he would have time to get a video. Plus, where was he near Madison, WI? It's not like that's a deserted area. Something that big would have been reported by other people!

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Looks like we're all in agreement!