High Strangeness: Roswell Slides Fever!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Roswell Slides Fever!

I'm working an big, big case for MUFON this week; it's ruffled feathers all the way up to the big man himself, MUFON Director Jan Harzan!

You'd never know from reading the initial report from the witness that this case would be such a big deal:

"I set up a Moultrie M-880i Digital Game Camera for the 1st time in a spot to see what I would get pictures of. The location is at my Moms place. I set the camera for 8MP and to take 3 shots 1 second apart when motion is detected. I got 1 Amazing Picture! At 1st I thought it was a large bird like a Turkey Vulture. After looking at the picture zooming in and out by far the most I have ever examined a picture in my life there is nothing that tells me that it is a bird of anything other than a UFO. Several others believe pretty much the same. At the time I was home sleeping and my Mom was at home in the house. But where anyone was at the time doesn't matter. All that matters is that the camera got 1 Amazing Shot. I am completely amazed by this picture. I sure wish I would have gotten a 12MP camera. As far as a witness goes is it safe to say that the Camera is the 1? At this time I am not going to submit the picture. I want to 1st find out if it is worth $$$. I 1st want to get a response from MUFON. And I swear on a stack of Bibles that this is not a Hoax. I hope to here from you soon"
I talked to the witness -- okay, he's not really a witness, is he? -- I talked to the owner of the camera, and he said the image showed a 6' blimp with short fat wings, about 5' off the ground, in front of some trees that are about 400' feet away from where the camera was placed.

Unfortunately, that's all I can give you, 'cause that's all I've got. Because this gentleman is so sure his picture is worth "$$$," as he so quaintly puts it, he will not give out any more details or show the photo to anyone.
SHRIMPY BLIMP: MUFON will not purchase this or any photo for $$$, so don't even ask.

I call this phenomenon "Roswell Slides Fever," and I'm afraid it could reach epidemic proportions between now and May.

Still, I have my duties, and after talking with the gentleman I wrote to my state director Mxxx to ask if MUFON had any protocols for dealing with such an odd situation. Unfortunately, I made it sound as though the witness was hoping MUFON would buy what I am now calling "The Hartford Photo," and that sent alarm bells all the way to MUFON HQ. The word quickly came down from the new STAR TEAM director himself: MUFON does NOT purchase photographs!

"We certainly don't buy photos and least of all trail cameras which are fraught with problems. The optics are less than we would like, the frame rate is slow and generally yield strange effects from moving objects like a car that can make the car invisible yet reveal things like headlights. 

"This witness is not the first with a trail cam image. I have one gentleman who sent me over 50 images that yield nothing but plays of lights and shadows. 

"If this gentleman has a photo of a landed disc with an alien emerging from the object and waving , it might be a bit stronger. Even as we see with the best photos, no one considers these as proof. 

"Photos and videos do nothing but support a witnesses story. In this case the witness did not see it. The camera caught a photo anomaly and the guy is trying to capitalize on it."
Well, by this time I was feeling pretty bad, because I had never meant to indicate that the owner of "The Hartford Photo" (R) wanted to sell it to MUFON. If that had been the case, I think he only would have said "$" or maybe "$$" in his report. The fact that he said "$$$" indicated to me that he was aiming higher. Much higher...

Not willing to chuck the whole thing as my STAR TEAM Director seemed to be, I made the owner of "THP" (R) my best offer: I could ask the MUFON photo analysis expert to take a look at the image and give his opinion. The owner, perhaps sensing that his bluff had been called, in a manner of speaking, indicated that he might be open to that.

So today I got in touch with MUFON's crack photo analyst and asked if he would take a look at the "The Hartford Photo" (R) if the owner would agree. He said yes, but only if our Fearless Leader, Jan Harzan, didn't object. Seemed prudent to me, so there it stands.

Will "The Hartford Photo" (R) reveal a landed disc with an alien emerging from the object and waving, as the STAR TEAM leader hoped? Will it trigger Disclosure at last, followed quickly by A.D. After Disclosure? Or will it just show a sad little blimp with short, fat wings? Or will Jan just say no? I, for one, hope to find out.

And I hope to find out well in advance of May 5th...


purrlgurrl said...

I have a 2003 Corolla that I drive only on Sundays to go to church. Do you think I could get $$$ for it? Would you or MUFON be interested?

I can't let you see the car itself, but I can describe it to you. It's blue.

If you might be interested, maybe I could throw in the Brooklyn Bridge to sweeten the deal.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

If you think this could finally solve the Toyota Corolla mystery, it might be worth it...