High Strangeness: Three-Letter Agency!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Three-Letter Agency!

I'm about to take some time away from the blog for the holiday weekend, so it figured that some supremely silly news pops up in UFOland before I could get away...

It seems several figures in the UFO community who have been very vocal about the so-called "Roswell Slides" are claiming that their email accounts have been hacked by a certain "Three-Letter Agency."
Way to cover up that UFO crash, Three-Letter Agency.

This news does two things: first, it perpetuates the age-old "government cover-up" meme that the conspiracy buffs cling to so desperately, but second, it bestows some semblance of authenticity to the slides themselves and thus legitimizes the efforts of the "Roswell Dream Team" to keep their narrative alive. And, it should be pointed out, it does so just as the Slides are in danger of slipping off the radar screen and being relegated to the mountainous scrap heap of useless and forgotten Roswell "evidence."

So the question you have to ask -- well, you don't have to ask it because I'm about to -- you're welcome.... The question I will now ask is: if that certain Three-Letter Agency was trying to discredit the Slides and foul up the efforts of those promoting the Slides, why would they be taking actions that only serve to draw attention to the Slides? It makes no sense.

You can go back a step further and ask -- and, again, I am about to ask for you: If the Slides are legit, why didn't that certain Three-Letter Agency find them and take custody of them before the cleaning lady found them in the attic? They've only had since 1947 to track them down... For a certain Three-Letter Agency that's supposed to be so clever and diabolical, they sure screwed that one up.

Methinks that the only Three-Letter Agency at work here is endlessly inventive and self-serving "RDT."

Happy Thanksgiving!


Double Nought Spy said...

When I first heard about this a few days ago, it reminded me immediately of the wild "spy chase" detailed in one of Len Stringfield's publications. I've tried to find it, but have had no luck. It sounds like something from a Russian version of Get Smart! It is hilarious. Maybe someone will dig it up. This email exchange seems to be between a rank amateur and the people with the slides. It's so lame, I'd suspect Bill Cooper of being involved if he were still alive.

Anyway, a word of caution: There are some first class assholes involved in this mess about the slides. If you are going to choose sides, choose carefully. ;)

purrlgurrl said...

Serious doubts there's much in the way of truth to this melodrama, acted out in the service of flagging dying interest. All these bozos will (finally, hopefully) succeed in doing is put a stake through the heart of Roswell. Likely not their intention, but it would be a public service. Maybe with the dead Roswell monkey off its back, Ufology could move forward.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Hear, hear, purrlgirrl!