High Strangeness: The Adjustment Bureau

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Adjustment Bureau

We're friends, right? Like, I can tell you stuff and you won't judge me or anything?

Good, because I need to admit here and now that I enjoy reading my horoscope from time to time. I don't think that really affects my qualifications as a Certified UFO Field Investigator, because 1) most of you probably feel the same way, too, and 2) last night I investigated a UFO sighting that didn't actually involve UFOs so much as it involved ghosts and spirits speaking through radios and warning us about aliens and making portals appear in the sky, so... what's the difference, really?

Now I should clarify that I only ever read one astrologer, this guy Rob Brezsny, who has a site called "Free Will Astrology." I like Brezsny's approach because he never tries to tell you what's going to happen; instead he tells you the potential of your situation, the upside and the downside, and it's up to you to decide whether you're going to do anything about it. Free will, get it? It's fun, often thought-provoking, and I can deal with it.

Anyway, I'm a Gemini, and today my free will horoscope was kind of interesting, on a whole lot of levels. Read on:
Some conspiracy theorists are paranoid that aliens or government agencies use radio waves to try to control their minds. They wear tin foil hats to protect themselves from the evil transmissions. But a recent study shows that this protective head gear has an effect that's opposite to what it's supposed to. In fact, it actually amplifies the intensity of radio frequencies, making it even more likely that mind-control signals would work their dastardly magic. This problem probably does not apply to you, but I suspect you are suffering from a comparable glitch. An approach you're pursuing or an attitude you're cultivating is having an impact contrary to what you imagine. Now is an excellent time to make adjustments.

Fresh out of tin foil? A motorcycle helmet will do in a pinch.
As usual, I'll have to give it some thought to see whether I think this has any relevance to my life. Of course, there's nothing very novel or dramatic about an astrologer telling someone that "Now is an excellent time to make adjustments," and there are lots of times I'm sure when it would be advisable for me to adjust my approach to things, but still... you have to admit that Brezsny's use of the tin foil hat meme to make his point is an interesting coincidence.

What makes it even more interesting is that my wife's horoscope today -- she's a Virgo -- was all about ghosts and spirits...

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