High Strangeness: L'arche de l'espace

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

L'arche de l'espace

Well, well, well... Look what's in the news all of a sudden...
Airbus has filed a new patent for a UFO-like airplane that looks like something right out of a Sci Fi movie. RT today described the radical Airbus design as a “bagel plane” where passengers sit in a ring. The Financial Times, which was the first to announce the new design in a November 16 story, reported that the UFO-like shape addresses key structural problems faced by aircraft engineers for cylindrical designs. Will the new Airbus design use a traditional propulsion system such as aviation fuel that is currently the standard for civilian aircraft? The UFO-like design makes more sense if Airbus was preparing for an innovative future propulsion system for the aviation industry – antigravity!
The article, appearing in yesterday's Examiner.com, includes a reproduction of the U.S. Patent Application submitted by Airbus Operations of Toulouse, France. The basic idea of the "bagel plane" is that passengers sit in a circle around a central hub, from which, presumably, the flight attendants can keep a better eye on them.

Although the schematic does not specify what will go in the central hub, it's easy to imagine that a well-stocked bar could fill the space, or a cozy open fireplace, or perhaps a stage on which live musical reviews or theater-in-the-round could be presented. Nor does the schematic indicate that the circular passenger cabin rotates while the plane is in flight, but I assume this will, in fact, be a part of the package. Why have people arranged in a circle and then just have them sit there? Especially since it doesn't appear that anyone will actually get a window...

Most exciting is the news that the bagel plane will be propelled by an anti-gravity drive, although I do question why the French get to be the first to use this new technology. Anyway, it seems to be a done deal, so we'd better get used to calling it "anti-gravité."

As I was reading about the anti-gravité bagelship, I realized with a shock that I had seen this schematic before. In fact, I had just seen it only a couple weeks ago, when I was writing about The Gobbler, the saucer-shaped restaurant near here that I believe is being converted even now into a Space Ark... Look at the frame grab below, taken from the local newscast and showing the proposed renovations to The Gobbler's floorplan, and tell me it's not the same exact flipping thing!

Seating schematic for The Gobbler. Or should I say 'Le Gobbler'?
I don't know what's worse: having my worst conspiracy paranoia confirmed by this patent application, or realizing that the Space Ark being built only a few miles from me in semi-rural Wisconsin is, in fact, intended to save only the French from la catastrophe mondiale...

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Anonymous said...

In this post-Snowden era, the only term for the aircraft, considering its seating arrangement, that comes to mind is the "Panopticon Plane."

And, I doubt it will ever fly.