High Strangeness: Where's My Space Ark?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Where's My Space Ark?

To my great surprise and delight, I've been reading things over the past few days that signal an end to the tired "Disclosure" meme. First came news of a new Facebook UFO group called "U-Foreclosure" that bravely declares on its homepage that "UFO Disclosure is bankrupt and in default. Time to take things back and put them into the hands of investigators and researchers. U-Foreclosure Now!"
Then there was this courageous blog post at Silver Screen Saucers entitled "Disclosure Movement RIP."

This whole death of Disclosure thing could be true or it could be some massive psyops mindfuck to get us to let down our guard, but at this point I don't really care. Disclosure has long since passed its freshness date, and it's time to move on.

But if Disclosure is off, that means we won't be facing a total, catastrophic breakdown of civilization. And if we're not facing a total, catastrophic breakdown of civilization, what will become of the Space Ark? I don't know what your family talks about at dinner, but when the subject of surviving a total, catastrophic breakdown of civilization comes up in my household, as it often does, my wife Mxxxxx always brings up a very good point: she is convinced that someone, somewhere is building a Space Ark...

It could happen the day after tomorrow... or even tomorrow!
Perhaps they already have it completed and ready to go, my wife suggests. Perhaps there's a whole fleet! Perhaps.... they've already decided who will get to board. I have to admit, she makes a strong case for the Ark.

So, now that we don't need it, what's going to happen to it? Will it be scrapped? Or will they keep it idling, just in case... Just in case some other unforeseeable catastrophe befalls us -- a stray planetoid on a collision course with earth, perhaps (see illustration)?

If I had a suspicious mind, I might think that these folks who are suddenly and inexplicably declaring the end of Disclosure all sound so reassuring because they don't want the rest of us discovering the Space Ark... because they know Disclosure is closer than we think, and they already have their seats reserved. Greer, Bassett, Bigelow, the Atacama Humanoid... you can bet they all have first-class tickets.

If my deepest fears are true, there's only one thing we can do. Find the Space Ark! Storm the launchpad! Steal a seat! 

My wife and I are on this.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is part of the psyop mindfuck.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Shhh! No one is supposed to know that...

Anonymous said...

That's why Allan Hendry does not want to be interviewed for your book....Shhh

purrlgurrl said...

When you find the Space Ark you'll probably find the flying cars we all thought we'd have by now parked in the same hangar.

Anonymous said...

Robert Bigelow doesn't have to reserve a seat. Bigelow Aerospace has already developed space modules and I am sure Bigelow has a first class ship parked in space waiting just for him.