High Strangeness: Rubbed Out

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rubbed Out

Boy, have I got it good, biography-writing wise.

I recently met a very talented writer who is working on a biography of a fairly famous cultural figure, and what he had to tell me about his work made me feel very grateful for the relative sanity of the UFO world.

Yes, I used the terms 'UFO' and 'sanity' in the same sentence. Savor that.

Now this writer, who I met at a social event, is the real deal. He's getting books and articles published all the time, and the fact that he's a flipping genius smacks you in the face the minute he starts talking about his latest project. And yet, he took a real interest in my project; he knew who Dr. J. Allen Hynek was and got excited when I mentioned his name.

"I was just talking to a friend," he said with an excited smile, "who was telling about a character in a book who was loosely based on Dr. Hynek!" He thought I must know the book and the character, but I had to confess I didn't. I thought his friend might have been thinking of Francois Truffaut's take on Jacques Vallee in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," but he assured me that wasn't it. It was a book, and the character was based on Hynek, he was quite sure.

So that was cool, and I'm looking forward to getting the title of the book and the name of the character when he's able to get in touch with his friend.
Chuck Norris plays a mafia hitman in "Hitman 2: The Mullett"

Then we talked about some of the difficulties we've encountered with our research, and here's where I realized how good I've got it. Sure, I run across the occasional Crabby Appleton who doesn't want to talk to me... and I deal with the occasional nutjob who attacks my work and sabotages interviews... and I have some material for the book that is likely to piss off some people if I decide to include it. But that's nothing compared to what my new friend had to tell me.

"I have some material that, if it is published in my book, will make some people very angry with me," he said. "But I also have some material that, if it is published, could get me killed."

Then he clarified. He didn't mean to say "could get me killed." He meant to say "will get me killed."

Turns out there's some shady activity in the story he's writing, and it's been kept secret by some powerful people. He didn't go into much detail -- I wanted him to, but he wisely said very little more to me about it.

That never happens to me. I suppose it could -- I did have that creepy stalker incident recently -- but it hasn't yet. And I hope it doesn't. I mean, I'd love a visit from the Men In Black, but not from a mafia hit man.

Like I said, right now I'm grateful for the relative sanity of UFO world.


Anonymous said...

Never trust a man with a mullett...

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Those are words to live by