High Strangeness: More Grandmas and UFOs -- Part II

Friday, August 1, 2014

More Grandmas and UFOs -- Part II

Well, that didn't take long. Yesterday I wrote about my latest UFO case -- the one that took place when Grover Cleveland was the President -- and while I anticipated that it would be one quick investigation, I didn't realize just how quick it would be...

Last night, a mere four hours after I emailed the witness' Grandson to line up an interview, he sent me the following:
"I don't know if there is much else I could tell you-My Grandmother-Exxxx Fxxx-married name Hxxxxx- was the witness with her family- the Fxxx farm was near Spring Green Wi.- the family cemetary is right below the House  on the Rock- a famous tourist attraction- so I imagine the farm was right there or within a mile of it. She passed in 1994 at 106 years old so in that time frame circa 1897 would have been about 10 years old- I realize this is an incident that happened well over 100 years ago- her description and the year seemed more than a coincidence however I am not too familiar with possible airships of that decade- the show I saw reminded me of it and I thought one more tiny piece of the puzzle might help- enough pieces and you can see the picture- even with something that happened that long ago- As far as my opinion- if had made a roaring sound or left a contrail she would have mentioned that- so I assume it was silent- I pretty much just wrote it off as a dirigible- My son is a nuclear engineer who has worked with Lockheed Martin and I never thought of asking him-"
So much like Roswell it's almost scary...
So... the Grandma may have seen one of the "airships" that were being spotted in the skies all over the US in 1897. If that's the case, her sighting would be part of The Great Airship Flap of 1897, which is probably most noteworthy for "The Aurora Encounter," an alleged "airship crash" that bears more than a passing similarity to "The Roswell Incident" of 50 years later.

Unlike the Roswell story, the Aurora story has a certain charm (see left). The airship was seen by several early-rising Aurora, TX citizens as it flew over the town at 6 a.m., then lost speed and altitude and collided with Judge Proctor's windmill at the dizzying velocity of about 10 miles an hour. So the airship had clearly dropped to sub-light speed. Sadly, the airship exploded upon impact, leaving behind only a mess of scattered wreckage and the remains of a potentially unearthly pilot... The windmill and water tank were, of course, destroyed, but worst of all, the explosion took out Judge Proctor's flower garden.

It is my considered opinion that we will never know whether there was any connection between my case and the Flap of 1897. I am a mere Certified UFO Field Investigator, and this case clearly calls for the talents and training of a Certified Airship Field Investigator.

Hell, even the Grandson who filed the report doesn't seem to really care one way or the other... This is how he finished off his email to me:
I don't think I can add any more, but if you were to call and your number came up unavailiable (sic) or out of state I wouldn't answer it- but it would go to an answering machine-
Ok, then! Case Closed.

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