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Friday, July 25, 2014

The UFO That Was a House

It's been a while since I shared one of my MUFON case files here at High Strangeness, in part because the great Wisconsin UFO Flap of 2014 seems to have fizzled out as quickly as it sprang up... That's just the way it goes with UFOs, I guess. It's like they have a mind of their own or something. Go figure.

I did investigate one interesting historical case recently, though, that was about as odd as they come; so odd that it scored a whopping 33 on the Ballester-Guasp Evaluation (BGE). I'm not sure, but I think that's the highest rating a case of mine has ever gotten. Not surprising, though, as this Close Encounter of the Third Kind had everything: a shape-shifting UFO, a landing, UFO occupants, and, as an added bonus, an uncooperative ex-spouse!

The story begins in late September, 2001, as they so often do, with a tired motorist a long way from home... For him, it began one lost night on a lonely country road, looking for a shortcut that he never found... Yes, I know that's the opening narration from "The Invaders," but in this case it also happens to be exactly what happened! Life imitates art! Here, just read my report:

Late night... wrong turn... lonely road... classic UFO setup.
Witness was driving from Cxxxxxx, IL, to Wxxxxxx, WI, to visit friends for the weekend. It was about 11 pm on a Friday night. His then-wife and son were in the car sleeping. He got lost in the country, and saw a fireball in the sky; he thought it was a plane about to crash. It seemed about 3 miles away. There was a bar & grille across the road but only 2 cars out front and no activity. 
He woke his wife up as the fireball seemed to turn towards his car -- it looked like "the earth being on fire..." As it approached he stopped the car. The object then appeared to be a cigar-shaped fuselage with a row of flaming jets along the side just under a row of illuminated windows. Inside the windows were 3 or 4 "figures." He could not tell if they were "people" but he had a strong impression that they were wearing something white and that they were looking out at them. 
He was an off-duty law enforcement officer at the time and had a gun in the car, as well as a camera, but "something" told him to leave both gun and camera in the car when he got out to get a better look. He started to pray as the object then appeared as a brilliant beam of white light shooting to the ground across the highway. He thought it landed but his wife thought that the lights across the highway were "a house." He got nervous and drove away. There was NO apparent missing time. He told several people about it at the time, but his ex-wife has never been willing to talk about the experience. On their way home 2 days later, they drove past the scene of the sighting, and there was no house where the wife thought there was. There was just a stream. The witness was so shaken that he made a "deal" with the UFO never to report the event, but after 13 years he felt he needed to tell someone about it.


WEATHER INFORMATION:  Clear as far as witness can recall

WITNESS CREDIBILITY: Very high. He was at various times a college dean and a law-enforcement officer, and is now a lawyer. He is also African-American, and he told me that he always used to joke that UFOs are only ever seen by white people, never by black people, because UFOs never come to the city. Because of this, he never believed that UFOs were for real, but this intense event has had a profound impact in his life. At my request he called his ex-wife to see if she would be willing to talk to me, and she declined. She said "there's no reason to talk about it. "

CONCLUSION: BGE of 33, credible witness, high strangeness. This is one weird case that cannot be explained. The only thing that could change things is that the ex-wife "remembers things differently" but she is not interested in talking about it.
My final verdict: 
  • Unknown UAV:

    • An object in this category should appear to be some type of aerial vehicle. An orb or paranormal type object should NOT be in this category. If a FI puts a case in this category then there should be a 90%+ confidence that the object sighted by the witness cannot be explained by a terrestrial object or an astronomical object.

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