High Strangeness: The Great Wisconsin UFO Flap of '14

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Great Wisconsin UFO Flap of '14

Good god, we've got a veritable flap going on here in Wisconsin!

First there was this case a few weeks ago, right in my home town of Fort Atkinson, which I did a dandy job of investigating (Case Disposition: "Unknown-Other"). Then the onslaught began. First this, also from Fort Atkinson, on May 6th:
My wife and I were coming home from getting dinner at approximately 8:30.... About two miles outside of Whitewater I noticed something huge in the sky. It had a redish blinking light and also a white blinking light. I pointed it out to my wife and she said it was probably two planes flying really close together. I told her to take a closer look. It was pretty dark at this point but I could see that it was on huge object. She looked closer and realized that too. My wife, who isn't a believer in UFO's said we should follow it because she was completely at a loss of words for what it was we were looking at. We followed it for about 45 minutes to an hour... A mile or two later we saw it again and it was much higher in the sky. Not too far from it we noticed another light in the sky. This was a white twinkling light... We watched this object in the sky for a few moments noticing that it would decend at a rapid speed for short distances. We could still see it in the sky at approximately 9:30 as we were heading back home... The first craft we saw was huge, much bigger than any plane I have ever seen. It also moved slow for quite a while at low altitudes.
Then this, same town, same witnesses, on June 26th:
My wife and I were in Jefferson dropping off a few items... Two black unmarked military helicopters flew overhead just above the treetops. A few minutes later they circled by again but were a bit higher up and I took a short video. They headed east/southeast towards the direction of our house. My wife and I headed home a few minutes after the helicopters passed by. When we were about 2-3 miles from our house we noticed something in the sky. It was an immensely bright light hovering in the sky in front of us ( It looked to be quite far away, probably 4 miles or so). My wife and I both saw it and have no idea what it was.
 And again from Fort Atkinson, this one from May 24th:
My wife first seen a yellow light about 9:00pm but did not inform me of this. until I saw a second one and mentioned it to her. The second light was the same as the first. The second light was seen at 9:27pm. It was bright Yellow first seen east of Fort Atkinson Wis. Object was moving quickly to the west-northwest about 275 to 285 degrees. Total time visible was apx.15-20 seconds. Object was moving very fast and there was no sound No other lights were visible(ie aircraft running lights) There was no wind as observed by the flag at the Post Office. The first light followed the same path as the one I seen. Other lights have been seen similar to this in the past. ??
Two questions marks, indeed. What the hell is going on in Fort Atkinson, WI??  First we get lights, then objects, then lights again., with a few black helicopters thrown in for good measure. Black Helicopters! Trust me when I say there is nothing in Fort Atkinson worth flying across the galaxy for. Except, maybe... just maybe... they're heading up the highway to Johnson Creek to check up on The Gobbler, the building that by all rights should have been the new Intergalactic UFO Research Center... That would certainly explain a lot, and would be proof that the UFOs are intelligently controlled.
Seems a lot of aliens are asking themselves this lately.

This investigation could prove to be crucial. The couple who filed the first two reports are in the middle of moving, so scheduling time to talk to them has been tricky. With any luck I'll be meeting with them soon. Same with the folks who filed the first report.

Meanwhile... why the hell am I not seeing any of this?? I live in the same town, look at the same sky; why am I not seeing these UFOs? Why am I not seeing black helicopters? What am I doing wrong?

While I'm sorting that out, another flap is developing in Central Wisconsin, in the sleepy little town of Waupaca. Two new cases reported just this week, with a small ferris wheel but with many more spokes, almost like a fireworks display contained in a round circle with blinking lights all around ita third historical sighting (from 2001) for good measure. If anything, the Waupaca sightings are even more interesting than the local events. The historical sighting, for example, involved "a metallic cylinder with fire emitting from holes along the side," and one of the sightings this week involved "a small ferris wheel but with many more spokes, almost like a fireworks display contained in a round circle with blinking lights all around it."

I don't know why, but these last two cases make me proud to be a Wisconsinite. We don't mess around.

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