High Strangeness: More Grandmas and UFOs

Thursday, July 31, 2014

More Grandmas and UFOs

Not sure why, but I seem to get an awful lot of "historical" UFO cases to investigate, and they're always a challenge; how can you "investigate" something that happened 10 or 20 or 30 years ago? The witness' memories are usually still quite vivid -- not surprisingly -- but corroborating witnesses can no longer be contacted and whatever physical evidence might have been available at the time of the event has long since vanished. Sometimes the place where the sighting took place can no longer be remembered, or if it can be remembered it no longer exists...

My newest case, then, should be quite a challenge. It took place in 1897.

Eighteen -- ninety -- seven.

And it was reported by a Grandma.

A Grandma.
A genuine 1890's photograph of 1890's men seeing an 1890's UFO

But not really by a Grandma; by a Grandma's Grandson. Just like the bogus case I blogged about yesterday. Here's what this new Grandma's Grandson submitted to MUFON:
"I saw the program about the Texas windmill incident and it reminded me of an experience my grandmother had in approx. 1897- the family farm was in the Spring Green area right by the house on the rock where the farm was- she was born in 1888 or so and mention she was a child in the fields doing farm work with the family- Something flew overhead- I asked her what it looked like- she said a cigar- The story on TV recalled her incident to me and hasn't been related before- The timeline seemed to coincide- I know it's hard to get info from that far back but I got it directly from her- she never had dementia and passed at 106 years old- She related it to me in 1973- we just happened to be talking about a lot of interesting subjects and she was always as sharp as a tack- farm wife and highly religious woman- Just thought I'd pass it on- she said she was a child- not a teenager- and would have been 7 to 10 years old at that time- if there was anyway to track that object thru newspapers or something headed south thru the Midwest towards Texas- I hope this will put a pin in your map-"
I hope it will put a pin in my map, too! What a great expression!

I will be contacting this Grandson very soon and I hope to report back to you on our conversation. Although, really, what else is he going to be able to tell me about something that happened two centuries ago? If only the 10 year-old Grandma had sent a Western Union telegraph to 1897 MUFON... we could have investigated while the trail was still hot...

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