High Strangeness: Ninnies and Twits

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ninnies and Twits

Nothing can brighten a blogger's day like positive reader comments, and in the past 24 hours I've gotten two that have really got me smiling.

One reader commented on my recent sense of discouragement concerning UFO research and writing, and very kindly told me this:
"Don't let the ninnies and twits get you down. BTW, I think a J. Allen Hynek biopic has been a long time coming."
I really appreciate that, Anonymous, and I am happy to say that I am in talks with a film producer to develop the Hynek book into a film or TV property. I'll let you know how that develops.

There was also a surprise comment from a second reader who had information on the great alien illustrator Anthony Ranfone, the man responsible for a memorable drawing of the Pascagoula, MS aliens from 1973. A while back a reader had identified Mr. Ranfone as the artist who created the U.S. Department of Energy's "Energy Ant" character, and said that Ranfone had an interest in the U.S. Air Force's "Project Blue Book" UFO program.

Now another reader adds more detail to the picture:
"I knew Anthony Ranfone when we worked together at what is now the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington DC. I commissioned him to do a painting of 'Light Heart', the cluster of 10 large helium balloons assembled by Col. Thomas L. Gatch Jr. for a stratospheric trans-Atlantic balloon attempt. Tony did a fabulous job on this, and the original oil painting remains one of my treasures, since I was Gatch's publicist, and he disappeared on that flight ... some say in the Bermuda Triangle. I don't know where Tony is today."
Col. Thomas Gatch and the "Light Heart." Victims of the Triangle?
I knew nothing about Col. Gatch and his 1974 attempted flight across the Atlantic in a high-tech balloon christened "Light Heart," but I'm glad I do now because it's a ripping yarn that ends in profound tragedy and mystery. Mr. Ranfone's connection to the story would be interesting enough on its own, but the Bermuda Triangle tie-in puts it over the top.

And what makes it even more fascinating is the report in a Florida newspaper that U.S. National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration, in response to what must have been relentless public outcry, just this week issued the findings of a bombshell study showing that there is nothing supernatural going on in the Bermuda Triangle! 

What should I make of this unnerving example of synchronicity? Why would news of The Bermuda Triangle cross my desk twice in the past 24 hours?

Look at the clues: art; aliens; the Bermuda Triangle; the Pascagoula abduction case; Anthony Ranfone; Light Heart; Energy Ant; ninnies & twits... It all must mean something, but what??


Anonymous said...

Great read!


Anonymous said...

Ufology does indeed have royalty! Can something be creepily priceless?


Mr. Ambiguous said...

"It all must mean something, but what??"

I suppose I could proffer the inimitable Mr. Natural's response to the quixotically anxious Flakey Foont: "Mr. Natural! What does it all mean??"
To which Mr. Natural blithely replied, "Don't mean sheeit..."

See: http://getools.com/kermitspad/600/f.kpundMrNt20002--02.jpg

But, seriously, the Bermuda Triangle... seriously?


"What should I make of this unnerving example of synchronicity? Why would news of The Bermuda Triangle cross my desk twice in the past 24 hours?"

OMG! Spooky... and now, here's the third time:

See: http://kevinrandle.blogspot.com/2014/02/the-bermuda-triangle-and-abc-evening.html

Well, garsh! A trifecta of synchronicity!!!

Next up: the multiverse implodes...

Mark UFO'Connell said...

1) The Budd Hopkins book looks like an interesting read, on so many levels... I will add it to my list.

2) Um... Lancelot & Guinevere played Yanni at their wedding? Yanni??

3) Mr. Natural is no doubt right.

4) I'm not saying the Bermuda Triangle means anything... But I do wonder what it means that the BT comes up twice in 24 hours, and why NOAA decides to report in February 2014 that the BT is not supernatural? Was anyone asking them to look into it? Don't they have better things to be doing?

Double Nought Spy said...

Some of us got it.

DeVoid said...

I find it amusing that the short phrase "ninnies and twits" derives from an old Devo song, "Through Being Cool" -- here's the first few lines of the lyric:

We're through being cool
Eliminate the ninnies and the twits
Going to bang some heads
Going to beat some butts
Time to show those evil spuds what's what...

"Young alien types who step out
And dare to declare," indeed! ;-)

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Haha, you must think I'm MUCH younger than I am! I was well aware of the Devo reference, and that's one of the reasons I enjoyed the comment so much! In fact, when I told my wife about the comment she asked if I knew who the commenter was... I told her the only clue was a Devo reference, so he or she is obviously very worldly and extremely cool.

Saucerspud said...

I have an uncontrollable urge to admit to being very happy you caught my Devo reference. I'm posting anonymously due to a nasty run-in I had with one of the non-critical thinking "ninnies" in a chat room many years ago. Turned into a flame war and one of his cohorts managed to discover my e-mail address. No fun.

Anyway, again kudos to you fighting the good fight to keep UFOlogy on an even keel. Your open-minded and irreverent nature reminds me a bit of James Moseley's Saucer Smear.

Speaking of the ninnies and the twits, have you had the misfortune to see this new UFO show blighting the airwaves, "Uncovering Aliens?" It's embarrassing.