High Strangeness: The Purpose of UFOs

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Purpose of UFOs

Random thoughts today:

Thanks to everyone who offered their thoughts on how to pursue my most recent UFO case, but it seems to be dead in the water. I tried contacting the witness again this week and have gotten no response, so that's that.

How to rate it? Here's the new guideline from MUFON: "If the witness does not respond, after three attempts, and the description is too vague to draw any type of conclusion, 'Insufficient Data' should be used." Of course, I also had to fill in the Ballaster-Guasp Evaluation form before submitting my findings, and that gave me a Certainty Factor of 1.63%. That's about as low as it gets, folks...

On the other hand, I have a new case that looks very intriguing... The incident in question took place way back in 1979, so it's not exactly fresh, but the witness' account is well-written and evocative, so I'm hooked:
"It was a hot night and we didnt have air conditioning. My parents were asleep so I snuck out to lay in the cool sand of a construction site next to our house. Axxxxxx is a small city that stretches along the main road for about a mile or so. My house was on a hill at the end of the road, enabling me to clearly observe most of the city. I enjoyed looking at the lights of the city in the cool night breeze, and as I sometimes did, I was standing in the cool sand and looked down at the city lights. As I was doing this, I perceived that dogs were barking at the far edge of town. I didnt think anything of it until I realized that the barking was slowly getting louder and closer. This caused me to pay a little more attention and as I looked down at the city I saw a small patch of sky that was darker then the surrounding sky. As I watched, I noted that this dark patch was maybe 300 feet above Main St, and coming straight at me moving slowly. I didnt see any lights and couldnt make out the shape until the thing was maybe 100 yards from my position. I began to hear a low “rum…rum…rum noise coming from it. As the road it was following ended at a “T” it turned instantaneously to its left and I could finally see its shape, it looked like a blimp, and maybe a third of the way up it had a row of very dim shimmery round lights. It was somehow hard to see, yet I could clearly make out the shape. It moved on to my right until it went out of site behind a large hill. At that point I couldnt hear it anymore. I never saw it again, but it just occurred to me that maybe 2 years prior to this sighting, a saw a meteor fly over my house so low that we could hear a loud burning roar as it passed almost directly overhead. The shape I saw was going in roughly the same direction, no idea if they are connected."
I believe this will be my first UFO that made a "rum...rum...rum" sound, so that's special. I have emailed the witness and will continue to pursue the case with my trademark dogged intensity.
Ideally, an Intergalactic UFO Headquarters would be in high orbit, but I'll take what I can get...

In other good news, my idea of creating an Intergalactic UFO Headquarters has got some legs... I had a good talk this week with Mark Rodeghier of CUFOS, and learned that there has been significant interest in this type of thing for a long time, which is not altogether surprising. Mark feels that it might be possible to get few interested parties together to get a dialog started anew, because, really, what better way to get people involved again than to dangle a flying saucer-shaped building in front of them?

One final note: I just finished reading a little-known UFO book called "World Famous UFOs," by my favorite writer, the recently-passed Colin Wilson. It is in many ways a silly little book, as its title suggests, written as part of a series of "unexplained mystery"-type books put out by a British publisher in 1996. But, because it was written by a genius, it has more than its share of fascinating nuggets. The final paragraph of the book, in fact, was, to me, the most brilliant part of the book. After comparing UFOs to psychic phenomenon, Wilson wrote:
"Do these phenomena have a 'purpose?' That is impossible to say; but one thing is very clear: that their effect is to remind human beings that their material world is not the only reality. We are surrounded by mystery that cannot be understood in terms of scientific materialism. If psychic phenomena have a purpose it is to wake us up from our 'dogmatic slumber,' and galvanise us to evolve a higher form of consciousness. I would suggest that this is the only positive and unambiguous lesson we can learn from the strange mystery of the flying saucers."


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Arrrrgggh... methinks any UFO what makes a "rum, run, rum" sound might be a pirate craft. :)