High Strangeness: Intergalactic UFO Headquarters

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Intergalactic UFO Headquarters

A little over a year ago I wrote about "The Gobbler," the flying saucer-shaped restaurant and Wisconsin landmark that has been up for sale for several years... My thinking at the time was that The Gobbler -- which is only about 15 miles from me -- would make a spectacular UFO research center, but I didn't realize back then how badly such an institution was needed...

Over the past year, as I've been working on my book about Dr. J. Allen Hynek, and as I've been spending hours upon hours in what passes for UFO archives, I've come to realize that the field of UFOlogy has a huge problem... These days we're fortunate that the vast majority of all UFO reports are filed electronically, as are the vast majority of the resulting UFO investigations. But until fairly recently, all reporting and investigating was done on paper, and as a result there are vast stockpiles of incredibly important paper records sitting around unprotected, growing old and fading away in peoples' basements and garages.

A few days ago I read the latest blog post from UFO historian Michael Swords, and I was reminded once again of the impending catastrophe that faces us if none of these records are ever properly stored and protected. In Wandering In the Wake of UFOs, Michael offers a rather poignant look at the vaults of information he keeps in his house and wonders whether anyone will ever appreciate their true value.

"Doctor Hynek said that we have an 'embarrassment' of riches in the case files," Michael writes. "It is a difficult 'embarrassment' however to employ. The good Doctor immersed himself in the pool of incidents; almost no one else will bother. People say that we've learned nothing. They mean that THEY've learned nothing.

"I DO care a bit though about one thing: what should I do with these files, this pile of wasted paper and film in the eyes of the mind-dead?... an embarrassment of riches.... which no one seems to care much about ..... except we few."

The fabulous "Gobbler," resting on its landing pad in Johnson Creek, WI As flying saucer-shaped restaurants go, it's a doozy.
No one cares except we few... Are things really that bleak? I'm afraid they might be.

Michael's post gave me a lot to think about, but then the whole New Year thing happened and I found myself having to come up with resolutions, and I started to go big... I don't know how it can be done, or if it can be done, but I've decided that one of my long-term resolutions -- for 2014 and beyond -- is to somehow acquire The Gobbler and turn it onto an intergalactic research and study foundation for UFOlogy.

Just imagine having all the thousands of records and case files from CUFOS that are currently in multiple basements of peoples' houses in Chicago (and a mystery location in Arizona), all the thousands of records and case files in Micheal's basement and garage, all preserved and safeguarded inside The Gobbler for future generations of UFO pilgrims (I would still call it The Gobbler, of course -- that way unwitting travelers who think they're stopping in for dinner would instead find themselves in a UFO wonderland). Imagine that very same building taking researchers and visitors on trips to Venus and Mars and Alpha Centauri (presuming I can locate and repair The Gobbler's original anti-grav drive). The thing is, it doesn't matter whether the building is actually spaceworthy; once you set foot inside the rotunda of The Gobbler, you feel as though you're traveling through space, or perhaps exploring an alien world. There's lots of parking, too, and it's right off the Interstate. What better place could there possibly be, I ask you, to create an intergalactic repository for UFO archives?

Crazy idea? That's what they said about my Million Intruder March, too. And my idea to restage "Roswell, the Musical." I may not have made either of those things happen yet, but not making them happen doesn't make them crazy. It just makes them very difficult.

So, to start things off right, I have just sent an email to the director of "Buy The Gobbler," a local group that hopes to save and preserve The Gobbler. Here's what I had to say:
Hi Mxxx, I have an idea for The Gobbler. This may seem like a joke, but I assure you I am absolutely sincere. I live in Fort Atkinson, and have been a fan of The Gobbler for a long time. Over the past few years I have gotten involved in the field of UFO research, and find that there is a real need for a central storage space and gathering place for this field. What building on earth would make a more perfect spot for a UFO library, archive and meeting place than The Gobbler? I imagine that you get a lot of creative pitches for potential uses for the building, but I doubt any are more original than mine. Please let me know if you'd like more information.
Best regards,
Mark O'Connell
Will it work? Anyone's guess, but I have to believe that people who care about preserving The Gobbler will understand the importance of preserving important historical records. In any case, I will report back if and when I get a response. In the meantime, I'm going to keep brainstorming ideas for ways to save and preserve our embarrassment of riches.


Anonymous said...

Sound like a job for kickstarter!

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Ah yes, my brilliant genius wife Mxxxxx is one step ahead of you... I'm already looking into the possibilities.

Anonymous said...

The new NICAP HQ!

These are the people you need to start aligning yourself with. You've already transcended 'field work'.


Mark UFO'Connell said...

Approaching NICAP is a interesting thought, but I would be concerned about their willingness to share information with other organizations. The only reason to pursue this is to break down barriers and make more information available to more people.