High Strangeness: Third-String Aliens -- Part 2.5

Monday, November 4, 2013

Third-String Aliens -- Part 2.5

Two unrelated yet related things came up today, so I thought I would blog about them both, and give you, my lucky readers, two blog posts for the price of one!

The first item is a sensitive one, as it involves a fellow UFO blogger and a tweet he tweeted... Now, this is a guy who says he wants to reinvigorate UFOlogy for the 21st Century, which is great. I heartily applaud that sentiment, and I respect the energy that this guy brings to that mission. But this tweet today really jarred me, because to me it sets the field of UFOlogy back about, oh... 66 years:
"After 66 years since the UFO wave, no one has yet to come forward with proof that aliens exist. Come on people. Send some proof. Please."
So wrong, on so many levels. This tweet is based on the somewhat shaky assumptions that 1) UFOs can somehow "prove" that aliens exist; that 2) there could exist some sort of proof that this is true; and that 3) someone out there is sitting on that proof. If one goes into UFOlogy thinking they one is going to be able to prove that aliens exist, they are in for a long, disappointing journey. Interrupted by many speaking engagements at UFO conventions. But, still. To me, UFOlogy means trying to find out what UFOs are, not trying to prove that they are one thing or another. 'Nuff said.
Hey, get a load of that UFO! No, look higher. And to the right...

The second item of interest was a comment here in the blog from my old frienemy "Anonymous," in response to my recent post, "Third-String Aliens." Here's the comment, in all its odd entirety:
"Mark, we appreciate you sharing this case with us. Please keep us updated on any new development." 
You get that? "Anonymous" is really a "we," and "they" appreciate my sharing this case with "them"....

So just who in the hell are you, "Anonymous?" Are you the Men In Black (not the Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones Men IN Black--the REAL Men In Black!)?? Are you CIA??? Are you... aliens????

If you're aliens, that makes a lot of sense. I've suspected for a long time that you aliens were monitoring my successes as a UFO Field Investigator by reading this blog (In fact, that's always been the purpose of this blog, from day one: to get you hooked on my witty writing and ensnare you in my web).

I demand you show your face at once and tell me why I should update "you" on any new development? AND tell me what's in it for me. Because if you could give me proof of what that other UFO blogger is begging for, "we" could set the science of UFOlogy on its ear and propel it into the next century! That would be something.


Terry the Censor said...

> "After 66 years since the UFO wave, no one has yet to come forward with proof that aliens exist. Come on people. Send some proof. Please."

That fellow recently posted:

"during both [MUFON] conferences, I was approached by at least 20 different attendees who claimed to have 100% physical proof of UFOs. After careful examination, however, I concluded all of the photos were nothing more than a combination of lens flares, pareidolia and natural phenomena."

The UFO fandom: worst thing about ufology.

Double Nought Spy said...

"Please keep us updated on any new development."

Like you're not going to share some new development with the whole interwebz? Maybe they want you to contact them directly? What planet are these Anonymous aliens from?