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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

UFO Top Ten Repeat!

I called it! As soon as I heard that the Close Encounter case that I investigated in August, 2012 had been picked by MUFON as one of their Top Ten UFO Cases of the year, I knew I could do it again in 2013! Because, if The Case of the Lampshade Hovering Over the Backyard CE1K of 2012 was Top Ten-worthy, then The Case of the Refrigerator Zooming Across the Highway CE2K of 2013 was a shoo-in!

You can learn more about the 2012 case in this Topic: UFO video here, just posted today on YouTube by show host Rxxx Sxxxxxx (I come in around the 35:00 mark).

The 2013 case involved a young man home on break from college who witnesses a glowing, refrigerator-sized cylindrical object fly across a highway at night, just a few feet off the ground and about 60 feet in front of his car. The dash lights in the car flickered as the object passed, making this case a Close Encounter of the 2nd Kind. When I investigated, my compass went a little goofy every time I walked past the driver's-side door of the car, and on the strength of that we had the car's oil drained and the oil and filter analyzed for the presence of odd materials (there were none).

Today I talked with Rxxxxx, MUFON's Director of Research, and he informed me that this case is getting a serious look for the Top Ten list for 2013. Even though there was only the one witness and the encounter lasted only 5 seconds or so, the physical effects on the car's dash lights is enough to put this case in the running. And so, for the second time in as many months, I feel like a proud pappa!

I also feel like, Damn, this is easy!

Because this case is being looked at as a 2013 Top Ten candidate, Rxxxxx suggested that I contact the family again to see if I could do some follow-up research, and I think I'm going to give it a try. Has the magnetic anomaly in the car remained? We need to know.

The fabulous 99-cent Teslameter.
To find out, I will be using a slick new tool that Rxxxxx recommended. It's called the "Teslameter," and I downloaded it for 99 cents today on my iPad. Will MUFON reimburse me for the expenditure? Do UFOs abduct bears that shit in the woods? Of course not.

But it doesn't matter, because if this little device can help me crack the UFO mystery once and for all, it will be worth all 99 of those cents. What the Teslameter does is, it makes wavy white lines on a graph and registers something on a meter that keeps wobbling back and forth at around the "48" to "50" marks, all while these three colorful digital readouts register the values of some things labelled "X," "Y," and "Z." I have no idea what any of it means, but it looks cool and I am confident that when I walk it wound the car involved in the Close Encounter it will all become clear to me.

If the car does indeed have an inexplicable magnetic anomaly associated with it, I will suddenly be thrust into the center of the whole UFO world, and I certainly won't be grumbling about an un-reimbursed 99-cent expense then.

There is one thing I worry about. This app can only work because there is a magnetometer already built into my iPad. But why? I ordered it in black; that's it. I didn't tell Apple that I wanted a magnetometer. How--and why--did Apple put a magnetometer in my device? What did they know, and when did they know it?

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Terry the Censor said...

> How--and why--did Apple put a magnetometer in my device?

I can't find any conspiracy theories about this. Good opportunity to start one!