High Strangeness: Intruder Alert!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Intruder Alert!

The other day, the guy who was bagging my groceries at the supermarket asked me how the planning was coming along for the Million Intruder March. That's the kind of town I live in.

I was both delighted and dismayed that Dxxxxx asked me that, because while I appreciate the interest, in truth I haven't done any planning at all. I just kind of figure it will all come together spontaneously. Or maybe even by itself.

What is the Million Intruder March, you ask? Well, I am gathering a group of one million people to storm the gates of Area 51 and let the world see once and for all what the government keeps hidden there. The idea, first voiced by UFO author Richard Dolan, is that the guards can gun down a few intruders, but they can't gun down a million! At least one or two of us would get through, and then... it's non-consensual Disclosure time.
See that teensy little heavily-armed vehicle at the top of the hill? That's all that stands between us and glory!
I've written about the MIM here and here, and you can sign up to join here. I think you'll agree it's a pretty terrific idea, and one whose time has come. And I fully intend to be there. There'll be t-shirts and everything.

But there's this complication...

Suddenly I'm kinda sorta invited to this gathering of the Council of Elders of the UFO world that very same week. I'm not even sure what that event might entail, but I know it could provide invaluable material for my J. Allen Hynek book (there, I lost half my readers by mentioning the book...). But can I soak up the combined knowledge of over a dozen UFO experts on September 13th through 15th and still make it out to Rachel, NV on the 19th to lead the charge into Area 51? That only gives me, really, four days to plan the MIM, which seems a bit problematic. I'll have to get to Nevada with all those t-shirts. And write an inspiring pre-march speech. That speech is key.

My worry is that I'll be so wrapped up in planning the MIM, which is a really a once in a lifetime thing, that I won't make the most of my time with the Council of Elders of the UFO world, which is also a once in a lifetime thing. See, I wasn't invited by the host; I was invited by a guest, who didn't clear it with the host, and the host, while he hasn't barred me from attending, hasn't exactly rolled out the red carpet either. So, it seems unlikely that I would ever be invited again. Hence, the need to make the most of the opportunity at hand.

So, really, now that I think about it, it'll be one long week of intruding into places where I'm not welcome.



Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are in quite a pickle. Especially if you need to get permission from the Council of Elders of MUFON in order to meet the Council of Elders of the UFO world.

I can bet your buddies at MUFON will be miffed. They might even take away your green ID badge.

Anonymous said...

So who is on this Council of Elders, anyway? And why do you think you will lose readers because you are mentioning your proposed book about J Allen Hynek?

As for the million-person anything, I think these are great schemes to discuss over beer. Hell, you can barely get people to vote for President. How many people do you think you'll convince to travel on their own dime to the middle of the desert to commit a felony?

Mark UFO'Connell said...

The Council of Elders is made up mostly of the authors of the epic 2012 book, "UFOs and Government," and several CUFOS and MUFON stalwarts. Definitely a fascinating group, and I'd be very lucky to be a fly on the wall at that gathering.

I had a reader complain that I write too much about my Hynek book, so I'm trying to develop some heightened sensitivity to those readers who couldn't care less about my book... We'll see hoe well that goes ;)

Anonymous said...

Had the chance to talk one-on-one with the good doctor back in 1979. Nice man - a grandfatherly academic with an epicly messy office - stacks of books and papers everywhere. The guy who really impressed me was Allan Hendry, Hynek's chief investigator at the time. Hendry wrote a great book on UFO investigation but he dropped out of sight a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

As far as the million person march into Area 51, I hope you and Richard Dolan are leading the charge when the Wackenhut guards show up. Write us and tell everyone how it worked out!

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Oh, I always lead from behind.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Mr. or Mrs. Dept. 47, may I ask how you had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Hynek in 1979? I bet it's a good story!

Anonymous said...

I was a news reporter at a TV station in Champaign, Illinois at the time. I had to put together a five-part series for sweeps so I thought that UFOs would make a great subject for it. CUFOS was up in Evanston at the time, so a cinematographer and I made arrangements to spend a day at CUFOS and video the interviews.

I must have been absolutely brain-dead for not saving any of the footage. It didn't contain any shocking revelations, but it would have been an interesting indicator of where UFOlogy was in the late 70s.

One thing I do recall - neither Hynek nor Hendry ever once mentioned Roswell. Hynek did mention abductions (after I prompted him) but he wasn't sure what to make of them or whether they were part of the UFO phenomenon at all.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

I'm not surprised they never mentioned Roswell. The Roswell crash story is not as universally celebrated as it seems to be. And Hynek had a lot of strong reservations about alien encounter cases, as he made clear in his 1972 book, "The UFO Experience." He kind of had to eat his words less than a year later when the Pascagoula, MS abduction case occurred...

I'd love to interview you for my book, Mr. 47.

Anonymous said...

Check your e-mail, Mark.