High Strangeness: Alien Motor Oil

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Alien Motor Oil

I've been waiting a lonnnnnng time for this...

Last spring, I investigated a pretty interesting Close Encounter of the 2nd Kind for MUFON, and blogged about it here. It was a pretty big deal at the time, because it involved a really weird object flying across a highway in front of a car and causing the car's dash lights to flicker. Because it was a UFO causing physical effects on the surrounding environment, it qualified as a CE2K, and because it was one in a series of Close Encounters that I had been assigned to investigate last spring, I officially dubbed myself "The Close Encounter Kid," a title I still hold.

Anyhow, because my investigation revealed a possible magnetic anomaly with the car several days after the encounter, the powers that be at MUFON ordered that the car's oil should be drained and the oil and the oil filter should be sent to a MUFON-associated research lab for analysis. Was the oil radioactive? Did it contain metachlorians? Did they use Valvoline Max Life? We needed to find out!

Well, now, almost 5 months later, we have the answer: negatory.

Vxxxx, my State Director is bummed. Her exact word was "Bummer." To tell the truth, I am bummed, too. The UFO encounter was pretty fascinating, the witness and his family turned out to be paranormal phenomenon magnets, and there was absolutely no doubt that my compass jumped at the exact same spot every time I walked around the car... I thought that something pretty weird was going on, and despite my reservations about asking these people to please give us their motor oil, I really was curious to see what the analysis would come up with...

The reason Vxxxx and everyone at MUFON got so excited about this case is that a few years back a car in Phoenix, Arizona that had been involved in a Close Encounter had its motor oil altered at a molecular level, and everyone wondered if my case would yield the same results. Here's what the report said about the Arizona car:

An Arizona car which also was close to a UFO in 2011 was found to have sodium nitrate in the oil filter. There is a special form of nitro-oxidation produced from the oil reaction with NO­­­x from combustion.  Organic nitrates are mostly formed.  These were not found in the Arizona vehicle.  Only inorganic sodium nitrate.  This was NOT formed by the nitro-oxidation process.  
The fact that my car didn't have sodium nitrate in its filter is a bummer, but I have to say this: I am mightily impressed with the dude who did the analysis of the oil and filter. This guy is good:


· No unusual materials are detected in the used oil filter from the Wisconsin contact vehicle.  The used oil from the oil filter of the Wisconsin car has normal additive depletion.  There is no significant oxidation.  Isolated particulates from the filter are composed of calcium oxalate, and inorganic sulfate(s) and possibly inorganic carbonate.  No sodium nitrate is detected such as in the previous Arizona car contact event.

· Reference used oil filters from three cars that had oil changes were examined to verify that the above particulate components are normal.  These were from a Toyota, Suburu Outback and Ford Focus.  The infrared spectra of these solids are similar to each other as well as the solids from the Wisconsin vehicle. They all show calcium oxalate, sulfate(s) and possible inorganic carbonate.  Two of the filters (Ford and Suburu) also have small amounts of silicone lubricant which is a very common contaminant.
Good stuff, eh? So, basically, I now have to write back to the super-paranormal family and tell them that they have decidedly non-spooky motor oil. I hope they take it well. They may not be happy to see what happened to their oil filter, however...
Sadly, some oil filters must be sacrificed in the search for truth.
By the way, they did indeed use Valvoline Max Life.


Anonymous said...

With the limited time we have here on Earth, you have decided to analyze an old oil filter for what exactly? This wouldn't bring us one inch closer to answering the UFO question.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

It wasn't my call. Trust me, I thought it was goofy at the time, too, but if by some long shot something odd had appeared in the oil or the filter that could have indicated that it was affected by an outside physical force... it could have pointed researchers in an interesting direction.

Unknown said...

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Terry the Censor said...

> there was absolutely no doubt that my compass jumped at the exact same spot every time I walked around the car

As a heavy-duty reader of the Hill case, I have to ask what exactly were you measuring with a compass?

Also, is this SOP in MUFON investigations that involve cars?

As a control, did you walk around non-CE cars with a compass? What about those of the same make and model as your CE2 car?

(Note: No snark here. These are genuine questions.)

I was thinking the other day that sightings involving drivers were very common back in the day but practically non-existent now. I have no data, just an impression. Any thoughts?

Terry the Censor said...

Since we're talking about cars, and since I compose these comments at the very hour very 52 years ago that the Hills allege they were sitting in a spaceship, please indulge me as I air out some thoughts:

We've been told by UFO writers a million times that the Hills' car had impact spots on the trunk and that it made a compass spin, but the early documents show no such thing. In Betty's September 26 1961 letter to Donald Keyhoe, she says: "There does not appear to be
any damage to our car from the beeping sounds." Webb's 1961 report also does not mention spots. It does say, "...there were no electromagnetic disturbances..."

In fact, other than the Hills, no one was on record as having seen these spots until the year 2000! That person is Kathleen Marden, Hill niece and abduction book author. And no one is on record as having witnessed the compass spin other than the Hills. In his 1965 report, Webb simply took their word for it -- he interviewed no one about it, not even Janet Miller, though he knew she suggested the compass gambit. Hm! Curious.

And guess what? No one knows where the kidnap car is! It just disappeared without comment. No one has mentioned this curious fact in 50 years of UFO writing (not that I've yet found). Strange, eh?

Wonder what we should make of all that?

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Hey Terry, that's a lot of questions! I believe this is SOP where a car is concerned. I was instructed to look for "magnetic anomalies" surrounding the car, and so I did. Unfortunately I left on vacation before I could so anymore, so the investigation was completed by another guy. I did not do a comparison, and I don't think he did either. When I get a chance I'll take some readings on similar vehicles and let you know.

Interesting details about the Hills' car. I have a friend who is researching this case and spent some time at the Hill archives in New Hampshire. I'll have to ask him what he knows about this...