High Strangeness: The UFO Crazies -- Part II

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The UFO Crazies -- Part II

I wrote the other day about some crazy people I was encountering in the course of working on my Hynek book, and today I finally got a little help decoding certain people's behavior. Turns out the situation--and the people--aren't quite as crazy as they were appearing. But they're still crazy.

So, here's the deal. I'm corresponding with three people who I want to interview for my book. I will refer to them as People #1, 2 & 3, and I should note that they all know each other.

Person #1 is cool, not crazy at all, an oasis of normalcy in the UFO world.

Person #2 seems sane, but has some credibility issues as far as I'm concerned.

Person #3 is crazy.

The whole thing started when #1 recommended that I interview #2 and #3 for the book, thinking they would have interesting insights on Dr. Hynek's work. I have made a couple attempts to interview #2, but so far we haven't been able to sync up our schedules.

I recently contacted #3 to request an interview. I was very polite. I offered to send along a sample of my writing. The response I got was very curt and yet utterly impossible to follow. It seemed hostile, but it was just vague enough that I really couldn't tell. So I followed up with another email or two, still hoping to open up a dialog.

#3 responded with a shockingly angry and incoherent letter stating that Person #2 had already told #3 all #3 needs to know about me. #3 then went on to criticize my writing (none of which #3 has actually read, to my knowledge), to criticize my book project (which I know for a fact #3 hasn't read), and to claim that I have been going around telling people that I've already interviewed #3 for the book--which is just beyond dumb--and so I should just shut up and go away.

But here's the catch: Person #3 cc'd Person #2.
Yeah, it's a lot like dealing with these guys, only add 1 to each number.

Next thing I know, Person #2 emails me and is apologizing like crazy for maybe, possibly, having said something bad about me to Person #3 (without actually telling me what that bad thing might be), and promising to arrange personally for me to get my interview with #3.

Okay, fine, but then #2 emails #3 and again apologizes for anything and everything that may have been said about me to arouse such hostility, and pleading with #3 to grant me the interview...

How do I know the contents of this email? Because #3 forwarded it to me moments later, with a note that said, and I quote: "...as I parse this: everybody lies!"

So, I spent the past week wondering if I want to interview #2 or #3 at all anymore, because I don't want to deal with such craziness and at this point, how could I really believe anything either of them might tell me in an interview? Besides, neither one of them has actually had the decency to tell me what exactly was said about me to have aroused such hostility...

Then today I finally had a chance to talk to Person #1 about this whole thing. After I told him the story he nodded sagely and said...

Wait for it...

He said this is pretty much how Person #2 and Person #3 treat everybody.

Wow, that makes me feel better... Person #1 then said I should probably just interview them both and hope that maybe out of each interview I'll get a syllable that I can use in the book.

Yeah. Maybe. But I'm not in a huge rush.

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