High Strangeness: UFO Convergence

Sunday, June 9, 2013

UFO Convergence

The synchronicity continues!

This weekend, as I've been cleaning up my MUFON Investigation files, a couple of interesting things have happened. First of all, I checked in with Vxxxx, my State Director, to see if she still wanted me to be "Chief Investigator" and she does. This had kind of fallen off the radar screen lately, so I'm glad I asked. I'm definitely thinking about it again. It would be cool to have a hand in all the investigations in Wisconsin, as long as it doesn't cut into my time writing the book and, you know, living.

Right on the heels of that conversation, Vxxxx forwarded me an intriguing letter from a potential Close Encounter of the Third Kind "experiencer" and asked if I wanted to take on the investigation... I hesitated for a moment because this one sounds really intense. But I had to take it on in the end, in part because Vxxxx mentioned the potential need for a Faraday Cage. A Faraday Cage??? Yes, a Faraday Cage; a cage made of non-conducting material to shield a person, place or thing from electric charges. See photo below...

How could I pass up a case that can only be solved with the use of a Faraday Cage? Who could resist this?
I don't feel free to share any details of the case, because the witness seems to be in great distress, but I can't help wondering why I keep getting all these entity encounter cases...

No time to worry about that now, because in today's mailbag I got this thought-provoking comment:

"MUFON has been in existence since 1969. Since these beginnings and all those reports filed, someone must have drawn some conclusions. I went to the MUFON website and what I could find was that UFOs are still an 'unexplained mystery.' Is that the best you folks can come up with after all this time" 

First of all, what's with this "you folks" business? I just work here.

Second of all, UFOs still are an unexplained mystery, because if they were explained there would be no MUFON website to describe them as unexplained mysteries.

But, seriously, the commenter's question is completely fair. In all these years, after all these investigations, why hasn't MUFON drawn some conclusions and come up with an explanation?

There are many answers to that question, I think. MUFON and many other organizations and investigators and the U.S. Air Force have attempted many, many times to draw conclusions and explain the mystery, but they are always stymied by the elusive nature of the phenomenon. Just when someone thinks they've nailed it down, the phenomenon takes on a new form and leaves us even more puzzled than we were before. Without any completely unquestionable physical evidence that UFOs are physical objects, we can never be sure what they are or where they come from or who/what may be controlling them. All we ever have to go on is witness accounts, and experience has shown that we can never be absolutely, positively sure of those.

So, does MUFON have a reason to exist? I think so. For one thing, it gives thousands of people around the world a chance to tell someone about an experience they can't make sense of and probably can't talk to anyone about. Case in point: the witness involved in this new case with the Faraday Cage has been keeping his experiences to himself for years, for fear of ridicule. Without MUFON, he and many others would have no place to go.

In my one year of being a Certified UFO Field Investigator, I have seen this play out over and over... so many people are relieved, and even thrilled, that someone will listen to their story, take them seriously, and help them understand what they experienced. Witnesses have told me on numerous occasions how surprised they are to hear from me, because they never expected anyone to take their report seriously enough to follow up on it.

And the more cases we document and archive, the better the chances that someday someone will recognize a pattern and figure it all out. Or even figure out a tiny bit of it; I'm not picky.

Basically, my message to you, Mr. or Mrs. commenter, is, I've got this.

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