High Strangeness: Friday UFO Grab-Bag

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday UFO Grab-Bag

Lots of things going on as I close out this week, so I thought I'd just throw everything together in one post...

First of all, High Strangeness went over 40,000 page views this week! I owe it all to you. Just goes to show you some people will read anything if you add a photo to it.
I just added this picture to see if you would take the bait, and you did.
My meeting with "Mr. Roswell" Donald Schmitt didn't take place today, so all you folks fretting that my brain would be poisoned can take a deep breath. Both our schedules tightened up, and rather than squeeze in a brief meeting today I suggested we wait a week or two and try again when we both have a little more time. That gives me more time to strengthen the mental blocks I'll be using to shield myself from whatever it is he tries to throw at me. Thanks to all of you who warned me of his treacherous nature (without giving me any concrete examples of said nature).

Meanwhile, two of my UFO cases are drawing to a close. The case I started to investigate a few months back, involving a refrigerator-sized glowing object that flew across a highway in front of a kid in his car, and caused the dash lights to flicker is reaching its freshness date and has to be rotated out. This one was interesting because the car showed signs of magnetic residue and we pulled some motor oil and the oil filter for analysis... Well, the latest from the MUFON motor oil lab is that there may be something odd in the oil and they're checking the filter to see where the anomaly might come from (Uh... I've changed a car's oil a few times and usually whatever is in the filter came from the oil, not the other way around. Oh well, they'll figure it out). 

This case was also curious because the kid's family turned out to have so many other mysteries associated with them... a spirit presence in their house, visits from Shadow People, a creepy 1952 letter in the attic describing a captured flying saucers and alien corpses... I hate to close out the investigation because I never know what else this family might come up with! Anyway, I've written the Dad and asked him if he has any more bombshells for me before I close out the case...

My newest case, involving a nighttime sighting of two glowing red eyes in the driveway may be over before it began. The witness and I were supposed to talk last night, but he didn't answer the phone and so far he hasn't called back or emailed to reschedule. Maybe he decided they were just taillights after all...

Also, it has come to my attention that some people report their UFO sightings to organizations that are not MUFON! This has got to stop. Now. How are we supposed to make any progress in solving the UFO enigma once and for all if we're not getting all the data?

Somehow or another, a recent UFO sighting from right here in Wisconsin was reported to a UFO site operated out of Taiwan, and then written up in a Canadian newspaper -- called "The Canadian" of all things. Go read the article and watch the video; it's worth it, even if it wasn't reported to a proper Certified UFO Field Investigator. It's one of the strangest videos I've seen in a while; so much so that when the videographer suddenly coughed at about the 1:30 mark it scared the living shit out of me. 

My takeaway from this is that I need to step up my efforts to make Mr. and Mrs. Wisconsin and people around the globe understand that they need to report their sightings to MUFON! Any sightings at all: UFOs, aliens, shadow people, Atacama humanoids, chupacabra, Nessie, yeti, shadow people, Reptoids, my missing car keys. Report it to MUFON! MU-FON! MUFON! M! U! F! O! N!


Anonymous said...

MUFON has been in existence since 1969. Since these beginnings and all those reports filed, someone must have drawn some conclusions. I went to the MUFON website and what I could find was that UFOs are still an 'unexplained mystery.' Is that the best you folks can come up with after all this time?

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Thanks for the comment! You know what? That's an entirely fair question to be asking, and I will try to give you an answer in today's blog post!