High Strangeness: The Thing in the Tree

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Thing in the Tree

I just turned down a case for the first time in my one-year-old career as a Certified UFO Field Investigator. It's not in my territory, so technically it never should have been in my case file to begin with, but because I am the Close Encounter Kid TM  my State Director thought it should come to me first.

I should be flattered, right? And eager to conduct another investigation into an entity sighting, right? But for some reason I didn't want to do it, so I turned it down.

The sighting took place last August, and like my previous entity sighting case, it did not involve an actual UFO. Just a person sitting on a fallen tree, minding his or her own business, when a creature appears and... Well, I'll give you the description from the MUFON report:

"A few moments later I felt an urge to look over my shoulder. I stared behind me for a minute wondering why I felt this urge. I was in a densely forested area with many trees but with ample distance visage. I looked back there and noticed something different in my vision. Five feet behind me and about two feet above my line of sight and one foot to my left shoulder sat a branch. Thats when I noticed something was a little more bleary in that spot. I didnt beliekke (sic) what I was seeing so I turned away to look at something else and then back. Thats when I saw a distinct shape. I looked directly at it and felt that I saw it looking back at me. I then looked past the shape on both sides and got the outline. I then saw that it was reflecting the daylight and tree leaves around it. I noticed that it had two ears like an owl or house cat and a body that appeared to be like a chicken."

Okay, I'm remembering now why I turned down this case. I was not trained to investigate entities with the ears of an owl and the body of a chicken, and frankly I can't imagine why anyone would want to be trained to investigate such a thing.

Still, there is something compelling about the report. The witness goes on to say that he/she sensed the entity asking, "Can you see me?" Then she/he felt a sense of panic, as if the creature was going to attack him/her.

Sadly, it never did, but for a few moments reading the story, you almost expect it.

So why didn't I investigate it? Maybe because this is the first case I've encountered where the witness experienced a sense of malevolence. I've interviewed witnesses who were scared by what they saw, sometimes terrified. But this one has real menace to it:

"I was afraid that if I panicked I would slip off the tree, fall to the ground five feet below and then be attacked by the life form. No one would know where I was nor find me until I rotted." 

Kind of creepy, huh?

But that's not the real reason I passed on this one. I passed on it because I just don't see it going anywhere. The witness claims to have caught the thing on video, but the frame of video included in the report just shows a bunch of branches. Also, there's a little clue in the first couple sentences of the report that lead me to believe that this person may not be a completely reliable witness. Not to say that that makes the report invalid, but it certainly made me worry that I might spend a lot of time investigating something that can never be validated...

Do you see an entity with the ears of an owl and the body of a chicken? Neither do I, and that's a problem.


Scott McMan said...

I've seen this before as I was thinking of posting it.

He must be referring to the new branch that's forming out of the larger horizontal branch.

Look dead center and you will see it. It could give the impression of a chicken standing sideways. Very small though.

I think they guy may be a bit light in his loafers.

Scott McMan

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Hi Scott,
I see what you're looking at but I see a begging dog When I told my wife about the description of the thing in the tree--owl ears and chicken body--she said, "So, an owl." I wished I had said it :)