High Strangeness: The Thing in the Tree -- Part 2

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Thing in the Tree -- Part 2

Here we go with the creepy multi-dimensional entities again... First it was the Shadow People, then it was the glowing alien at the bedroom window, then it was The Thing in the Tree... And now there have been two new reports filed in my section of the state involving sightings of odd creatures that took place months or years ago, with no trace at all of a UFO. That's five in a row, folks, and that's what we call a "trend." That's also what we call "creepy as hell."

Here's what came through on the MUFON Hot Line last night:

Remembered from June, 1997:
"When I looked more intently, I noticed that these lights were not moving. I then thought it was a reflection of some kind,but it wasnt. After cancelling out the notion of this being a set of tail lights, I began to realize that what I was seeing was a set of eyes. In my backyard was a set of taller garbage cans that this thing was behind. Well, not behind,but in front of. There was a light down the alley a ways that lit up the area slightly but not much. This thing stayed in this spot where I was not able to make out its shape due to the fact that it was staying within the shadow. I then was trying to move my perspective by moving around the inside of the kitchen to try and get a different perspective on it. I was all this time trying to figure out what kind of animal this could be. I could think of none. This thing had pretty large eliptical (sic) eyes that glowed a bright red."

Remembered from January, 1991:
"I didnt like the basement - especially my dads workshop at the back of the basement, because to a small girl it was scary, it had spider webs all over and my dad always warned me to stay away from the sump pump hole in his workshop. I hardly ever went in there but for some reason I went down there on this night after bed - everyone in the house was asleep. I believe it was the first time I was down there alone. I walked into my dads workshop and saw a glowing light underneath one of his workbenches. He had several holes drilled in the table tops and I was drawn to the light. I looked at the top of the table and saw a white glowing skinny, bony looking finger come out of one of the holes. The next thing I remember is I was standing face to face with this white glowing creature with huge black eyes and a small slit for a mouth."

Vxxxx, my MUFON State Director offered me a choice of cases, and I chose "The Case of the Red Eyes in the Alley," not so much because I preferred it but because it took place in my territory and "The Case of the Alien Under the Work Bench" did not. To tell you the truth, they're both pretty eerie...

But what I keep wondering about is why so many people are suddenly reporting these odd, unexplainable encounters with creatures years after they've happened... What is suddenly jarring all these memories loose, and pushing these people to report what they saw years ago? And why all these encounters in southeastern Wisconsin??

This was already starting to trouble me, but then this week I made an eerie discovery in my own yard. I was mowing the front lawn and noticed a ring of darker-colored grass about 2-1/2 feet across. This ring had been visible for a few days, but I hadn't taken a close look at it until I mowed the lawn, and when I got close I noticed... the fungus.
There is nothing in the folklore about mowing a fairy ring with your mower!

It's a fairy ring! Right in my own front yard, a flipping fairy ring.

Curious to know what this meant, I looked up "fairy ring" on Wikipedia and learned that I am doomed. Fairy rings are evil places, it turns out, and woe betide the man who disturbs the ring, as I did with my lawnmower...

Depending on your folklore of preference, I may have a long spell of rotten bad luck, I may die at a young age (too late for that!), I may become invisible and be trapped inside the ring forever, and I may even be forced to marry one of the fairies. I don't even know where to go with that.

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