High Strangeness: Shadow People on the Loose

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shadow People on the Loose

When I recently wrote about the so-called "Shadow People," I had no idea what I was getting involved in... Three cases have now come my way involving what may possibly be interdimensional beings, and I have no idea when to make of it.

Here's what I've got so far:
  • CE3K case from 20 years ago involving a young woman who saw a glowing humanoid entity staring at her through her bedroom window;
  • CE3K case from last summer (which I decided not to investigate) involving a person who saw an invisible, threatening owl/chicken thing in a tree that may have posed a physical threat;
  • CE2K case last month involving a small UFO that caused a car's dash lights to flicker, and led to:      A mysterious letter from 1952 about a captured flying saucer and aliens seen at an Air Force Base, and Shadow people and "minor spirit life." 
You read that right. The same gentleman whose son just had a Close Encounter of the Second Kind that left behind magnetic residue on the family car, and whose mother was sent a letter in 1952 purporting to describe a captured UFO and its crew, and who asked me last week what I knew about Shadow People wrote back with this explanation:

"We have had an experience with this type of being, but only once. I have just read this website and listened to a show on the radio describing these beings. Our house has some minor spirit life in it, but I have not experienced it myself other family members have. This is where my interest comes from. This is nothing you need to research I was just picking your brain. Thanks for all you have done."

Then he added a link to a Shadow People website...

This guy and his family have more going on their paranormal life than most of us have going on in our real lives. It's a wonder he has any time to write to me at all.
Is this what an interdimensional being looks like? I thought so, but my wife took one look and asked me if it was a cookie monster ghost. She is so not equipped for this life.
 But he did write, and I felt compelled to write back to him:

"Hi Sxxxx,
"This is really fascinating. I am writing a book about a famous UFO researcher, J. Allen Hynek, who, over time, began to wonder if UFOs and the entities associated with them are actually from a parallel dimension. After so many years of UFO sightings and Close Encounters with no definitive physical proof of their existence, it only made sense to him to consider non-physical explanations...
"It's interesting that Jacques Vallee is quoted on that website. He worked very closely with Dr. Hynek for many years and was a significant influence on Hynek. I'm hoping to arrange an interview with him for the book.
"If you'd ever want to talk about it, I'd be interested to hear more about your family's experiences.
"Best regards,

Could something significant be happening? Should I be watching for interdimensional beings? Or cookie monster ghosts?

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