High Strangeness: Revenge of The Soda Pop Factor

Friday, May 31, 2013

Revenge of The Soda Pop Factor

I do get some strange comments lately. Most recently, someone commented on an old post called "The Soda Pop Factor," something I wrote way back in September, 2011. If you haven't read it, take a few minutes now to go take a look; I'll wait.

Back? Good. Did you like it? Who cares? Did you read the comment at the bottom? Forgot, didn't you, you daydreaming fool? Well, here it is, in its entirety, and its weirdness...

Can of orange pop, or safety hazard?
"Look, sorry to throw a spanner in the works but this is a classical case of one story passing from place to place. IN FACT the term 'soda pop factor' was mentioned by Dr. J. Allen Hynek recounting an investigation he undertook and the witness, describing running from an 'object' hovering near him, said he "tripped over a Soda ca" (sic) and fell over. Hynek reasoned why would he add in that small unrelated incident if he was making something up. Hynek used this in educational sessions with new and existing researchers to use as a psychological aspect to look for. He indicated to look for the same sort of factors in other reports, to at least add to the possibility of a more credible account. I know this from first hand involvement. I was heavily involved with UFO Research, CUFOS and Hynek in the 70's. Check it out if you like. Hynek is even on tape in a recorded UFO Special saying this" 

I responded politely, as I always do, unless the comment is defending the Atacama Humanoid or the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. But it was a strain to be polite, since this comment shifts so effortlessly from the credible to the bizarre and back again... Someone running from a hovering 'object' tripped and fell over a can of soda? Uhhh... was the can of soda cemented into the ground, because if it wasn't I have a hard time believing anyone could trip over it and fall over.

And where's the proof that the concept of The Soda Pop Factor originated with Dr. Hynek and not Dr. James McDonald, as reported in "The Mothman Prophecies"? Without some kind of documentation, the commenter's claims are hard to believe, and, if we're being honest, pretty goofy.

And how annoying is it for this person to say "Check it out if you like" and then not supply me with any links or references? What the hell am I supposed to be checking out?

And is this person British? Who else would say "Sorry to throw a spanner into the works" but a Brit? What do the British know about any beverage besides tea?

Let me tell you, Mr., Miss, Mrs. or Ms. British commenter, I've been spending an awful lot of time digging through Dr. Hynek's files, and I have yet to come across any account that remotely resembles what you describe. The burden of proof is on you.

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