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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Out of the Past

Memory is a funny thing. I'm close to 53 years old, and I have a pretty hard time remembering what life was like when I was 4 or 5 years old. I remember, in general, having a pretty nice life, even if my older brothers and sisters did pick on me all the time. I remember being my parents' favorite child, too, and wondering if there might be a connection between the two. But as for memories of specific moments of my life at that age, they're harder and harder to come by. Except for that time when I was 3 and my mom was watching this terrifying science fiction TV series called "The Outer Limits" and I was scared out of my wits by this thing:

My own personal childhood trauma: The Galaxy Being from "The Outer Limits"
I was reminded of this recently when I interviewed the witness in the UFO case I'm investigating now for MUFON. She's 23 now, but her Close Encounter of the Third Kind took place when she was 4 or 5. She was sleeping in a bedroom at a relative's house and woke up to see a glowing entity looking in through the bedroom window... Twenty years on, she remembers it as vividly as I remember the alien from "The Outer Limits," which suggests to me that modern science is overlooking a very potent memory aid:


I'm not quite sure what to do with that profound revelation, but if you're thinking of stealing the idea I've already patented it.

I've had another interesting observation in the course of this investigation. Because the case involved an entity, I had the opportunity to fill out the "Entity" case investigation form for the very first time, and it's quite a document...

It starts right out asking if the entity in question was human-like, ape-like, reptile-like, insect-like, robotic, an apparition, an unknown, or an other. Then it goes right into "number of heads," "number of eyes," "did eyes glow," and other things the witness may have forgotten to mention in the initial report. Further questions cover the number of ears, noses and mouths on the entity. Interestingly, I'm given a text box to fill in for the number of heads, so I can presumably write in as large a number as I want; you got a bazillion heads, I can report a bazillion heads. When it comes to eyes, noses, mouths and ears, however, I have to choose a checkbox from 1 to 5, or a checkbox that simply says "more." You got a bazillion ears? MUFON doesn't want to hear about it.

"Hear" about it. Get it?

Anyway, on to my point. Even though the Entity form covers the whole gamut of alien-type physical features, both the witness and the investigator are required to convey all information in very human-centric terms. MUFON just assumes that the entity will have heads, ears, noses, elbows, mouths, limbs, skin, etc., just like we do. There's really nowhere on the form to report seeing something with no head, no lips, no toes, nothing vaguely human-like or even earth-like, and I think that's a shame. It shows a lack of imagination, and a certain arrogance, to think that everything has to relate to our form in some way.

Personally, I think they're pods.

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