High Strangeness: Great Job, Citizen Hearing on Disclosure!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Great Job, Citizen Hearing on Disclosure!

Well done, Steve Basssett and Steven Greer. I've been monitoring mainstream press coverage of your Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, and I think I can safely say that you have set the field of UFO research back about a thousand years. Maybe two thousand.

Does it really do the UFO research effort any good that your event has taken up permanent residence on Huffpost's Weird News page? I think not.

Does it really do the UFO research effort any good that you had a former Canadian Minister of Defense testify at the CHD that “It is certain that at least four species have been visiting earth for thousands of years, and I agree.”? To me, that's the kind of guy you want to keep off the witness stand, because, really... where's his proof? If "it is certain," then there must be proof, right? Where's the proof? And why are you touting this silly claim on your Facebook page?
A recent Huffington Post article on the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. What's of particular interest here isn't the "We Are Not Alone" headline on the top of the page, but the "IT'S TOO BIG: Man With Largest Penis" headlines that frame the UFO story. You are known by the company you keep, eh?
If you were setting out to bring new respect and credibility to the field of UFO research, a quick read of the news items on The Huffington Post suggests that you may have missed the target (see photo above). But it doesn't stop there: a search through the news headlines shows that all you've really done is given a lot of clever reporters an easy target, and an excuse to paint us all as crackpots, delusional idiots and "low-hanging fruit." How did you pull off this amazing feat? By presenting any and all information and speculation about UFOs and extraterrestrials as equally valid, no matter what its source, whether it's been validated or not, you have tarnished all the data, and the entire field of research. I wouldn't have thought that you would need some random yokel like me sitting at his computer in Wisconsin to point that out to you, but there you are...

For a lobbying and public relations firm, Paradigm Research Group, the sponsors of CHD, have done a shockingly bad job getting positive media coverage for the event. I haven't kept an official count, but pretty much every article I've read about the CHD makes mention of the fact that the former Congresspeople were each paid the princely sum of $20,000 to sit at a table for five days and pretend to be interested in UFOs. Once you put a price tag on the "truth," it's child's play for a reporter to paint the entire event as an exercise in cynicism, which many are doing.

Things are so bad that a New York Times article that doesn't mention the $20,000 payoff until paragraph 11 is touted on the CHD's Facebook page as positive coverage. You just cling to that, guys.

So, no more blogging about this. On to more pressing concerns, like that fact that tonight I am scheduled to interview a woman who has reported a Close Encounter of the Third Kind, and the fact that I've just been contacted by an Australian UFO researcher who has all sorts of great material on Dr. J. Allen Hynek's 1973 trip to his part of the world, including Hynek's investigation of the amazing 1959 "Father Gill" UFO case in Papua, New Guinea. Cool stuff!


Arcturus said...

Good to know there is more than one "random yokel at his computer in Wisconsin" than just myself.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Hey, Arcturus, I didn't know you were neighbor! Thanks for reading!